Monday, 28 September 2015

The Woven Rope Necklace Collection.

One day I was playing with rope and I made a necklace....before I knew it, they became a collection!

All are different and unique. 
Some have porcelain marbled beads.
Made from a variety of fibres, Habu, Raffia, Gima, Cotton and Embroidery Thread.

....and all will soon be for sale in the online shop.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

How to Dip Dye your Macrame and Tassels, sucessfully!


I know its been ages!

I've been busy working on my new collection.......which is coming along really well and I'm really excited to be working on my shop opening!

.....But I had a query about how I use to dye my tassel and macrame works from a few interested folk and I thought HEY?
I'll share some tips?
Dip dyeing your tassels and twine is still hugely popular now....but I created these works ages ago!

Firstly buy good quality cotton rope?
Avoid hardware and craft shops!  TOO expensive!
Goggle search cotton twine, or cotton sash cord and you come up with online shops in Australia, who sell rope!

Cut up the required amount of twine you need for your project them add some more, better to have too much then not enough!

BIG TIP here!
Soak your twine in water!

Then dip your twine into your dye pot you have prepared.
If you use commerical dyes, dont use the whole dye packet. Just use 5-10 grams. 
Save some cash and not waste your dye powder.
If your twine is not the desired colour then add in 5 gram lots, till it is.

Hang your twine up to dry.

Now create your piece.
Using pre-dyed twine in your macrame work will result in a cleaner more refined look...anything else will look like an amateur. 
The colour will be consistent and the process of macrame knotting will integrate the colour in a subtle way rather than have an uneven dye line, detracting from your knot work.

I hope this helps your next dip dye project!

Tag me on instagram if these tips resulted in some improved dip dyeing results!!