Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Be kind to the Knot

 Be kind to macramé!

Of late I have read some real opposition to macramé! ...yes macramé!
In some circles it is a dirty word.... maybe for some, an unfortunate experience with knotting in the seventies has marred them and they can't get past it.

Maybe Ouch boy in 20 years time will write
in his own blog "Ouch Boy tells all" how his childhood will be forever scarred by his mothers knotty adventures!

For some, these images cast a murky shadow over the current works of contemporary knotters amongst us! 

They can't see this new interpretation, skill or passion, they just see what they see?

 or maybe it was the Brady's and macramé combined?

For me it's canned carrots, canned pea's and canned potatoes that have left their indelible mark on my childhood psyche!
Never a camping holiday in the eighties with them not coming along for the ride! eeerrrk!

Maybe for you it was shell displays or tie dye? that causes you too gag!

but whatever it is or was please don't let it overshadow your appreciation of the knot!
Sailors love them...and we all love a good sea shanty!

Yours in the knot!


images via

Saturday, 25 May 2013


So you know of my love for Arabia Finland pottery, and many of you share this!

So you'll agree that this example is indeed very special...another offering from eBay, 1 bid win!

Maybe I was the only one prepared to pay the price?($100)
but look at it!

It's porcelain, it's heavy and pure white, stoneware is never this white, always yellowish.
The flat matt black glaze is thick and smooth. 
The sunflower and horse design have been scratched into the glaze called scraffito.

I think it's about 50's or 60's at least? 
I think it is the epitome of Scandinavian design, the contrast of black and white, they do so well!
I would like redecorate my dining room in black and white, pure scandi but I love colour....so much!.... so maybe a compromise then? 

 I will keep you posted on that....I'm working on an idea!  :)

But today I am prepping for my first macramé class!  
I'm very excited if not a bit nervous....people laugh at me when I say that! ....."your a teacher" etc......I say "I teach teenagers and they have to come to my classroom...some willingly!" ;)

I will get there!

I love Photoshop!
Happy weekend to you!


Sharing of at Max's today! love an Op Shop Show Off!...hope eBay counts?

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Germany Calls

I'm over here today....in Germany......on an online magazine called SO LEB' ICH!
It was lovely to be asked.
If your German is a bit rusty, I have asked goggle to translate!

I want it too!, I immediately thought when I stumbled across the lights of beautiful plants Pippa Taylor the first time. The young mother from Melbourne enlivened with her label Ouch Flower extremely clever a trend from the 70s again: The knotting technique macramé (Spanish macramé, from the Arabic migramah = "weave").

Whether tapestry, plant lights or tassels chain - with a handful of different nodes are relatively simple to make great decorative elements themselves. Exactly how it's done, Pippa shows on her blog in the "Knot School". Step by step she explains with photos each node.

Ran to the nodes!

Super suitable for great macrame decoration is Zpagetti, because it's with the thick cords goes really fast. Node but you can with any type of yarn, simply dyed colorful part of the node can you by Pippa's example. Especially nice is it when their beads incorporated.

Let your imagination run wild with macrame is as good as anything is possible!

Thanks Kati! :)


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Voices 2013

I love the view from a plane. I took this shot on route to Sydney, thinking I will photographically record the bejesus out of this Voices 2013 event, hosted by kidspot...but you are looking at the one and only image I took!

But if your keen to see some images, pop over here for some insta clicks!
and if you would like to read more about the event you can pop over here!

But for me this weekend was so much more!
Firstly I got to hang out with Donna, the more we get to know each other the more I like her, she's an exceptional egg! 

We could of kept chatting and chatting...like when you were a girl on the phone to your BFF whom you had just spent the day at school with....with mum yelling "get off the bloody phone".

Add to the mix Carli (excellent writer and hair stylist)
 from Tiny Savages fame and your set, for a girlie weekend! 

Like three peas in a pod we mused, ate and drank!....we were a bunch of light weights really cause at the end of the night, all we wanted was a cup of tea and bed.......settled in on a souvalki too!

 During the masterclass day function, panels mused about authenticity and humility in blogging...frankly keep yourself nice and don't fib!
What I realised is we bloggers, those at the event and 
you 'dear lovely' reading this, are an eclectic bunch! 
We are passionate, hopeful and hard to define as a group...if Ford and The Good Guy's sponsorship of the event is any indication, to go by, then WE are a force to be reckoned with too!

Aligning ourselves and our blogs with Brands was frankly discussed and promoted but we all agreed to this old school yard adage! 
Keep yourself nice! (lay down with dogs get up with flees)
So if you'd like to go down the Brand/Blog path then choose a brand that speaks to you and fits with your blog vibe and readership!

Clearly I can give that certain je ne sais quoi that's missing from their branding?

I met some lovely new blogs to read as well but I think I will post about that later!
This is the most I have written in a while because really I'm all about the photo's...a picture book if you will and lets be honest....your just here to perve at my tassels! (I heard that Al!)

Pippa x

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

DELUXE Tassel Top Hangers


I promised myself that even though I was returning to full time work..... yada yada yada!
I would continue to Ouch!

So here are the lastest Tassel Top designs, I'm calling them a deluxe range because the twine is dyed in an array of colours, they can hold a range of sized pots and they have six macramé arms!

I'm on a Sydney countdown too
I am really looking forward to the Saturday night, launch cocktail party for the 'Voices of 2013'!

Yep Donna and I are shirking our parental responsibilities for a night and heading to the glitz and glamor of Sydney! YEAH!

Looking forward to posting about that real soon!


Lemon, Peach & Violet

 Oh I love it when I take wonky pic's!
...Oh well :)
Black & Sapphire
 Personal fave, I think more in this colour combo in the future?

Ahh peachy!

Take care, Pippa

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Blog Design Dedication #6

 It's been a while since I dedicated in twine, no shortage of muses  I can tell you but I had a spark!
Can you pick whom?

This hand dyed Macramé Wall Hanging has been inspired by 
Tove @ Stuff that makes my heart beat faster

The Black twine, cooper olives and vintage wooden beads are the perfect combination to visually describe the lovely Norwegian Architect, Mother and total Mid Century Retro lover, Tove!

I choose black because it's bold and a design classic- as is Tove's furniture collection, two words 'string shelf'!!!
The hanging needed 'bling', only copper would do!

The wooden beads are a given....have you seen the teak kitchen??

The pattern is strong and balanced with a twist in the bottom fringe to hark back to her Architecture background.

The neutral palette is also Tove's choice in home decor too but she's a nature girl as well!
Lovely house plants and posts on her home town will show you that!

The selection of pottery, are reminiscent of her well curated collection! 
She loves WG too, so that makes her a good egg!

Tove came across my blog, some time ago!
 It is usually the other way round but I call it fate really, as a visit to her blog, is the stuff of dreams!

Her impeccable taste in pottery, furniture and kitchens have me drooling!

If you haven't met yet...do!

Tove, your blog and yourself are just lovely and I can speak for many of us when I say 'it has been pure joy getting to know youand thankyou so much for your support of my knotty adventures!

I dedicate this macrame to you and your blog! xx


Ps : If you need a refresher on the B.D.D blog posts, see here :)

Corner of my Home

So pleased to be apart of Donna and Kylie's Blog link in today!

I'm definitely a Retro girl!

This is our Lounge room, a mix of collected Mid Century and trusty IKEA!
These leather sofa's are super comfy and very kid friendly!
They are small and wide and it was love at first sight! 
I was told they were Danish! 
and the leather could be Reindeer? =:0

......but I have seen their like in 'Real Living' and they called them Italian, so you choose!

Note the original tassel too :)

My books, glass and pottery collections! 
I gaze at my Devil Ivy's and assess their growth daily!
I think they un-IKEA my IKEA shelves?

One day they will be a pair of 'String' shelf system!

 ....and say hello (Kylie) to my Fig!
 I love house plants and she's a bit special!

 The following pic's were again taken by 'Ouch Boy'! ...no lie
I think I will hand over the camera to him from now on, I genuinely suspect a creative eye.


Parker & Bitossi

Fiddle Leaf Fig

The composition of these pic's, intrigues me....
Kitchen stool

Looking forward to seeing everybody's homes today!
I will bring the cake!


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mums the word!

I don't think you, whatever the age, tire from wanting to make your Mum proud!
This is my Mum, Ouch Grannie!
She was out and about in Melbourne town and went to see my work at the CAE!
Thanks Grannie xx

 This is Mum and I, 
I think I may be responsible for the happy but exhausted expression on her face

 .....but then there was toddler 'Ouch Brother' to contend with too?

 Looking good "Seventies Parents"...check out the retro tash on 'Ouch Poppy'!

 All good 'Eighties Mums' supported the Scout and Brownies movement!

Bring back the eighties pant suit and shoulder pads! 
Love this pic of you, Grannie! xx
Happy Mothers Day!

Wouldn't be a post if there was no macramé, 
so here are some Tassel Top Hangers I have been working on!

......and I'm over here today!
Having a play date with Lisa from 'The Red Thread'

I hope you enjoy your 'Mother's Day'!


Ps: Tove, there's a pic of your lovely kitchen which has been mixed up with mine, I laughed, hope you do too! 
Sister from another Mother! 
Our tastes are so similar and frankly I'd love to have everyone think I own your gorgeous Teak kitchen! xx

(let me know if you'd like it changed?..no probs!)

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Me at the C.A.E

Nice an early this morning I made a beeline for the CAE, to install my macramé in their kiosk window!
Which happens to be in the busiest coffee drinking, cake eating part of Melbs, Flinders lane!
The installation is to promote my macramé classes but also my work as well.
I think I would love to dress more windows in macramé, it was fun!

I'm pretty happy with today's effort!
I felt like a real artist,....I haven't felt like that for a while!
My reward is a roast chicken dinner, thanks to Mr Ouch!


Friday, 3 May 2013

Ouch Boy

 When the cats away the mice will play!

.........this photographic selection is the work of a cheeky 4 year old, who has learnt to use Mama's camera!

Chip off the old block, thought I would share!

The orange rubber chickie wins my vote!

Happy weekend to you!