Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Voices 2013

I love the view from a plane. I took this shot on route to Sydney, thinking I will photographically record the bejesus out of this Voices 2013 event, hosted by kidspot...but you are looking at the one and only image I took!

But if your keen to see some images, pop over here for some insta clicks!
and if you would like to read more about the event you can pop over here!

But for me this weekend was so much more!
Firstly I got to hang out with Donna, the more we get to know each other the more I like her, she's an exceptional egg! 

We could of kept chatting and chatting...like when you were a girl on the phone to your BFF whom you had just spent the day at school with....with mum yelling "get off the bloody phone".

Add to the mix Carli (excellent writer and hair stylist)
 from Tiny Savages fame and your set, for a girlie weekend! 

Like three peas in a pod we mused, ate and drank!....we were a bunch of light weights really cause at the end of the night, all we wanted was a cup of tea and bed.......settled in on a souvalki too!

 During the masterclass day function, panels mused about authenticity and humility in blogging...frankly keep yourself nice and don't fib!
What I realised is we bloggers, those at the event and 
you 'dear lovely' reading this, are an eclectic bunch! 
We are passionate, hopeful and hard to define as a group...if Ford and The Good Guy's sponsorship of the event is any indication, to go by, then WE are a force to be reckoned with too!

Aligning ourselves and our blogs with Brands was frankly discussed and promoted but we all agreed to this old school yard adage! 
Keep yourself nice! (lay down with dogs get up with flees)
So if you'd like to go down the Brand/Blog path then choose a brand that speaks to you and fits with your blog vibe and readership!

Clearly I can give that certain je ne sais quoi that's missing from their branding?

I met some lovely new blogs to read as well but I think I will post about that later!
This is the most I have written in a while because really I'm all about the photo's...a picture book if you will and lets be honest....your just here to perve at my tassels! (I heard that Al!)

Pippa x


  1. I've got visions of your tassels hanging from all the cool kids rear view mirrors!
    I knew you and Donna would have an awesome time together. Will have to check out Carli's blog x

    1. One tassel at time, Kylie ;)
      ..and do pop over and say hi to Carli, she's a good egg too!

  2. I'm liking the tassels on Ford!
    Was a great weekend. Thanks for everything. : ) xx

  3. Sounds like a fantastic weekend. I'm so glad you and Donna are getting to hang out together, and I'll definitely check out Carli.

  4. Wow, Pippa, it sounds like you had an amazing time!! I already figured out that Donna's a pretty great gal:-) How wonderful that you two got to spend time together! I would just LOVE to join you!
    Ps. Love the tassels on the Ford, move over Wunderbaum:-)

    1. Ford needs to take notice! ;)

      One day, the gang will meet! x

  5. Haha! Yes, Ford would do well to get themselves aligned with you so they can add some of those gorgy tassles of yours. LOL Would've loved to go. Maybe the next one. I wish Sydney was a little closer. Looking forward to hearing all about the new blogs you've found. x

    1. Hi Kim, thanks for popping by!

      I'm waiting for Ford to call! ;)

  6. what!...I wasn't thinkin a thing!!...yep that's a lie! would you be shocked to learn that I owned fluffy dice back in the day! (no car...just the dice!). you have all the fun you jetsetter. now shut up and go take some pretty pictures!! xx

    1. will do you fluffy dice waving hipster! x

  7. So nice to meet you the other night! And yes, I have only 1 photo too so won't be entering the "Wrap-Up " Post Competition either :-) Mel x

  8. So great spending time with you and Donna. Quite excited about your macrame classes too, a friend went to one northside and it had nothing on yours!


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