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Teak is warm, luscious and rich!
It's the stuff, good mid century is made of!
So join me and become a member of the Teak Lovers Society!

How/Where do I sign up, I hear you ask??

1- Firstly, let me know in the comments, your in!

2- Grab the button and pop on blog. (if you want to make your own, that's cool)

3- Link the button to the Teak Lovers Society Page on the Ouch Flower Blog!

4- Every time you blog about Teak, title the post as 
'Teak Lovers Society' and we'll see this in our feeds and pop on over!

5- I will list all members and their entries on the 
Teak Lovers Society Page!
If you make your own page, I'll link that too!


  1. Hi, I'm in. Here's my recent teak post. http://subversivedomestic.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/borderline.html


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