Sunday, 29 December 2013

Happy Holidays

 We had a great Christmas! Hope you did too!

It's was Ouch Boy's first real Christmas, so alot of what we did was for him! Thomas train track around the tree, Thomas tree decorations and lots of shiny lights!

For me it's always about the table setting!
Arabia and iittala featured strongly! :)

He was a happy chappy!

Every year,
my Dad, Brother and I have a sunflower growing race!
Let's just say that my Brother might have won?
Final decision after the plant hormone testing?
Also my brother is taking credit for his wife's planting too?

...we should wait till mine to get some growth under their belt before we cast the final vote?

Armstrong variety
 So the big news is the single tassels have gone into retirement!

I figured I wouldn't get other artistic opportunities happening if I didn't make way for that?
I impulsively made the decision and sold out, some time later!
I may have 'shot myself in the foot' so to speak but it feels right and so far no regrets?
So as lovely as they are and fun to make, it's goodbye to the single tassel!
Am I crazy?
Or do you get what I'm tryng to do?

 Either way, see you in the new year!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013



I adore this bangle!

I'm so lucky to have chanced upon it! (thankyou etsy)

I will wear it everyday, like my other bangles.
It will in time lose it's shiny surface and be replaced with bumps and scratches...but it will be loved and cherished.

If I was asked to choose a piece of jewellery that best represents me at this time in my life then this is certainly it!

I hope your Xmas prep is going well and you are well too xx

Vintage, silver, Denmark, Hans Hansen, circa 1960.

Monday, 2 December 2013


Just wanted to share a few moments at chez Ouch. Just small things really but my heart melted just the same.
Ouch boy decided that he would swim.
He has been going to lessons for two terms...... loving it!
On friday last week he told Mr Ouch that he would swim today, and he did!
A half pool length, no arm floaties, no noodle  (long, thin foam floatie)just elegant arms and kicking legs.
I like that he decided he would do it, then did it!

When asked by me if he'd like to be a baby again?
He said no......I asked why he liked being a big boy?
"Cos big boys learn to do new things"!
I can't disagree with that!
and lastly, his orientation for big school is coming up this week.
His response to this reminder was
"I promise to try, not to be scared".

Oh my heart, my heart....