Saturday, 29 September 2012

:: Denby Love

 I grew up with Denby, these were my Parents, most likely, wedding gifts.
You have to love the simplicity of the Chevron pattern.

We ate and drink from the Denby Potter's Wheel Rust Red set, but sadly this set no longer exists in our family :(
I think it might need a revival though?


 In 2002, I returned from the UK with a Scotsman and this tea set!

Since then I have sort more Denby for my collection because the love for it continues.

The Denby Kismet Pattern was manufactured in England between 1969 and 1981.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

:: 'The Good Life'

Salad veg with chilli's and some strawberries.
 The veggie patch!
Yes... the Ouch's are doing the 'Good Life'
This is our first crack at it, it's a very satisfying venture and we look forward to picking the first salad from our garden!

Tomatoes and basil!

Shreck ears-succelent, replanted

Worker with 'The Cat' foreman.

After Goliaths need for recuperation and solitude, his pot was left unattended and these blighters moved in! 
Cheeky...skull and all!

New cactus pot with bird skull for a desert effect!

And a spot of thrifting has come up trumps!

A shadow box for my new Dansk candle holders collection.
'Graphic' Jessie Tait for Midwinter.
I'd say a successful week so far! :)

Hope you are enjoying yours or are making great plans, for your next break!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

:: Shibori...LOVE

 It was a great day to create some shibori printed fabric and see it gently flap in the wind, truly is the best looking washing line I have seen in a while.
Don't you think?

Once home, I washed and pressed my samples, again who thought ironing could be so pleasurable?
and created my shibori wall to show you my day's efforts!

The disc pattern is created with a circle wood block pressed onto the fabric with a small g clamp...easy!

Wooden cloths pegs for the squares and string, make these patterns!

A square wood block!
String and the fold of the fabric created the wheat effect!

I fitted in a spot of thrifting in brunswick! Nioce Bitossi!
Yes it was easy to do and yes I will be making up a dye vat soon and will dye the house shibori!

If there's a class near you, then GO!!!!!


Thanks Jo! @

Thursday, 20 September 2012

: A Crafty Collab!...sneak peek!

 Noice aren't they? fact they are amazing and beyond my wildest dreams!

If you put yourself out there, you never know what you might get in return but you do it anyway and trust in the Ace-ness of people!

Kylie @ Paravent is ACE! These are her handiwork!

They are her end of our CRAFTY COLLAB!   TA DA !

But first the story of our online meeting.
We both like to haunt Kootoyoo 'Our creative space"

I spotted Kylie's work then she mine and we kinda dig each others handi work!

I had the brill idea that I needed to do something great! 
So I emailed Kylie, gushed my idea, about doing a 'collab' and here is a sneaky peek as to what we are up too!

Beautiful unique screen printed panels!

More to come soon, enjoy the peek! :)


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

:: Feelin very inspired!

1.Have you seen these?

They are created by a Japanese maker called BIRDS'WORDS, have a look at the shop
Cause there is more! 
Put away your wallet first MMMC & Brismod!
I won't be held responsible!

2.Have you seen this House Tour

  @ Modern Findings, it's a great blog too!

3. Now have you seen this House Tour?

@ Mid2Mod...but you knew that already! 
Go on have another look, take a friend...there's snacks in the fridge!

4. Have you meet these blogs? I have!..... they are very nice!

A Goode House

Urban Rustic

On Life and Lava

That should keep you quiet for a bit!

5. Lastly I'm going to be very inspired after Sunday this week, I'm attending a Shibori workshop!

@ Harvest Workroom.

Can you see some wall hangings made from the Shibori, with macrame?
I'm so excited, loads of good schoolholiday fun!


Thursday, 13 September 2012

:: Happy Shop!

 A BIG thanks to all who followed Don's good advice and visited the shop!
It was very nice of him to pop by and pour us all a glass of champagne, don't you think?
Today I sent off my first order, Big Mama Owl, has a new home!

A bit of a side distraction...
I bought this old stool home from school, a bit tattered but full of old school goodness!

Now after some sanding and spray paint, it looks like this!

 A little blue owl for someone special!
I think I will make more, it's too sweet not too, don't you think?

 Hope your well and looking forward to Freaky Friday over at 
Hung Up On Retro, tomorrow?


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hello there lovely!   
I'm so glad you could make it, 
I have been waiting for you, you look amazing
Come in....
(all said with a soft burr)

Settle your sweet self darling! 
You have had a long day, you deserve an indulgence.
(eyebrows raised)

(your hands touch, as he passes you your glass....tingles)

Now to business, I'm Don....Don Draper 
and I'm here to tell you

that Pippa has opened her shop!

tell them Don sent you!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

:: My Cactus........ is cactus

 Meet Goliath.... 
he's a very sad Cactus, the bad cactus bug has got him!

Goliath and I met in 2004, he was my first, I love him, like a every cactus lover does!

Drastic measures...the rot has to be cut.......Goliath is more like David now!

Sad isn't he :(

I will update you on his road to recovery?....Have you ever lost a cactus friend?

Goliath in his prime!
 Every January he blooms this one night flower...this is why I love him so much. 
You can imagine my surprise when I first saw him bloom. 
I took out a glass of sav blanc and sat with him, that hot January night!

 On a brighter note, 
it was time to bring home and re-pot some new cactus second attempt at building a terrarium.

This is the boy's first cactus, he potted it himself, it now lives in his bedroom....I think they will be firm friends!

 Meet the terrarium...cross fingers, it's a healthy habitat!

 Another new friend in a thrifted pot.....we like a happy ending!