Tuesday, 25 September 2012

:: Shibori...LOVE

 It was a great day to create some shibori printed fabric and see it gently flap in the wind, truly is the best looking washing line I have seen in a while.
Don't you think?

Once home, I washed and pressed my samples, again who thought ironing could be so pleasurable?
and created my shibori wall to show you my day's efforts!

The disc pattern is created with a circle wood block pressed onto the fabric with a small g clamp...easy!

Wooden cloths pegs for the squares and string, make these patterns!

A square wood block!
String and the fold of the fabric created the wheat effect!

I fitted in a spot of thrifting in brunswick! Nioce Bitossi!
Yes it was easy to do and yes I will be making up a dye vat soon and will dye the house shibori!

If there's a class near you, then GO!!!!!


Thanks Jo! @ www.joannafowles.com


  1. I adore Shibori......a lot!!!
    I love your efforts. I can't wait to see what you make ;O)
    Tania xx

  2. Oh, my...Pippa, that's gorgeous!!! I'm absolutely in love with every piece you made. If I ever find a class near me, I'm definitely going, and I know my daughter will want to go too.

  3. Beautiful Shibori Pippa, I can't get my head around how you came up with that incredible wheat effect...and it's going to look even more sensational with the addition of a bit of macrame. And a Botossi 'basket' how about that!
    Also, I keep forgetting to say I love the pic of the happy little trio in the top right-hand corner of your blog x

  4. I learnt how to do shibori in my first year of my degree but mine didn't look nearly as beautiful as yours! Congrats :) x

  5. Thanks TM, I'm busy thinking how best to use them, so then I have an excuse to do shibori again!
    I hope you find a place Dana, it would be a great class to share with your Daughter!
    Thanks Kylie, the pic was our family first! We were/are proud parentals! xx
    Oh Polly I can't believe that! But thanks for the compliment, all a fluke! :)

  6. Lovely! You are so clever. The wheat effect is amazing. Can't wait to see what you do with them!x

  7. I KNEW YOU WOULD KILL ME WITH THESE! I love them so much. They all turned out so well. I bet ironing these was a JOY! The string patterns are gorgeous. Congrats ... you did so well.


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