Thursday, 27 September 2012

:: 'The Good Life'

Salad veg with chilli's and some strawberries.
 The veggie patch!
Yes... the Ouch's are doing the 'Good Life'
This is our first crack at it, it's a very satisfying venture and we look forward to picking the first salad from our garden!

Tomatoes and basil!

Shreck ears-succelent, replanted

Worker with 'The Cat' foreman.

After Goliaths need for recuperation and solitude, his pot was left unattended and these blighters moved in! 
Cheeky...skull and all!

New cactus pot with bird skull for a desert effect!

And a spot of thrifting has come up trumps!

A shadow box for my new Dansk candle holders collection.
'Graphic' Jessie Tait for Midwinter.
I'd say a successful week so far! :)

Hope you are enjoying yours or are making great plans, for your next break!


  1. Hi Barbara and Tom,
    Your garden's looking great. What's that plant under the green dome of protection? and what are you protecting it from?
    We've been doing alot of gardening here at chez Oram too. I love gardening. I always feel happy pottering about in ours. I love watering it too, on Summer evenings, wine glass in hand.

    All that desert scene needs is a tumbleweed and a couple of cowboys...

    V.nice plate and I wished you lived closer Pippa, I've got three shadow boxes sitting in the shed. One the spit of yours.

  2. You can be Margery, my glamorous neighbour! I could lust first hand at your TT collection flapping on your hill hoist! I'd share my tomatoes with you and a few glasses of sav blanc!
    The peas are under protection from the feathered kind, apparently they love peas!
    I have to source a tumbleweed from Texas! Might Dana help there? I'm loving the shadow box, they make a collection sing! Xx

  3. The garden's looking excellent. I love getting a squizz in your back yard. The cactus pot is well done too. I'm trying my hand at growing vegetables, but with not much fruit to show for it. I do have a lot of worms which I'd love to give you. I'm interested to see how your tomatoes come along. Mine have suddenly sprouted, again no fruit yet.
    If you're Barbara and the Mr is Tom, and Kylie's Margery, then can I be Margery's Volvo?

  4. All are welcome to 'the good life' and I shall keep you updated on the tom's MMMC!
    We will have a street soirée soon and I'm sure pineapple will feature! x

  5. I'm getting into the garden today for the first time in ages. Hope I'm as productive as you lot. Giulia x

  6. There is nothing as satisfying as harvesting your own produce. It really warms the cockles of ones heart!

    Love the Midwinter! Cheers Nick

  7. We grew veggies this year and last ... it was really great ... we had peas, onions, herbs, strawberries, beetroot and cabbage this year ... we just give things a try and see how it goes ... well worth it though :) ... Bee xx

  8. Gardening can be so much fun! Whether it's edible or not, it's very gratifying to see something you planted grow and do well. Your candleholders look great in that lovely shadowbox! :)


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