Tuesday, 30 October 2012

:: Crafty Collab - Result!

A while back, I posted about wanting to do a Crafty Collab and Kylie @ Paravent said yes and we set about emailing and instagraming our ideas and progress.... so here is our first born!

 Kylie's bespoke screen print on linen, my ombre hand dyed macramé fringe!
We both agreed the ombre twine was the way to go, I think I'm in love!

This is the first in the series of Wall hangings, they will feature in our shops, in time for Christmas.

If your crafty and admire the work of others, get in contact, create a crafty collab and let us know how you go!
It has worked for us! 

Do pop over to Kylie's blog and say hello!


Sunday, 28 October 2012


Happy Sunday to you, have a browse in the shop, see what's new? 

:Pippa :)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

:: Tassels....more!

 Meet the new Ouch Flower Tassel colours, they have been named appropriately I think?

Ouch Flower Indigo
Paravent Chartresue
Mid2Mod Black
Scandi Coast Turquiose
70's Chutzpah Gold
Hung Up On Retro Tangerine
Meet Me At Mikes Pink

 What do you think?
Soon to be in the shop!

 Big thanks to Mr Ouch for helping me fluff up the tassels like an 80's perm stylist! :)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

:: Blog-Design-Dedication #3

This Dream Catcher inspired Wall hanging was created with the blog The Brick House  in mind!

This blog, written by Morgan is a Mid Century lovers, dream home.

Each post is carefully curated and beautifully photographed to best showcase the thrift finds and adaptions to the styling, this home frequently undergoes.

I'm a keen fan of Morgan's work and respect the tenacity of their hunting instinct!

A simple star burst design using the natural twine, again the fringe is feature with a long tale.
Styled with my thrifted fav's, brown leather Danish arm chair, 
GPlan side table and some WG Pottery and a cactus. (Morgan likes plants too)

I have chosen a natural and simple colour palette, earthy tones, reminiscent of the Brick House.
The Rocket lamp?...ahh very special new acquisition, created by Tamara @ Retro Print Revival.
The fabric is vintage, nice Aussie motif of Banksias, those legs are amazing! 
I think the design and fabric could find a nice spot amongst the decor of the Brick House too.
Every now and then Morgan will showcase many amazing retro macrame and wall hangings! 
What is not to love?

Sharing over at Scandi Coast Home, linky party!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

:: Tassels

 With all this macrame making, I do end up with alot of twine in odd lengths and the like!
I can't throw anything out, there is always a use, so I turned to Tassel making!

A highly underrated task and I highly recommend it!
The white one which I dipped in blue dye for the ombre effect was the left overs from 'The Kylie' and the blue one from my recent 'Grand Lady'!

I think these are the ticket! 
Would you hang a random tassel in and around your home?

Let me know cause I'm a wee bit excited but Mr Ouch thinks I'm mad!

Do you want a tassel making lesson?

very touchy feely


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

:: New Macrame

 Meet Grand Lady Blue!

She has been made from 120 m of twine with over a 2m drop. 
I have just used the square knot.
I had hoped the simplicity of the knot regularly placed and the joy of symmetry, would be enough? 
She was the result!

I have kept the styling simple...because really she doesn't need any help on the design front, she is bold, delicate, strong but classical.
It was a technical feat for me, to keep the knots consistent, with no twine breaks and she's a big girl!

 She will be in the shop soon........but I think I will enjoy her for a bit :)

Big thanks to my 70's Macrame Magazine Benefactor, you know who you are xx


Sunday, 14 October 2012

:: Make a Softie!

My boy's homemade softie collection

if you visit Pips blog 'Meet me at Mikes' then you'll know it's Softies for Mirabel time!
It's a very worthy cause, a softie for a great kid in need!

All you have to do is visit her blog, pop in your link to sign up, check out the other signer upperers!

Get busy making and send your softie to her by the 20th of DEC 2012.

 We can do this!


Saturday, 13 October 2012

:: Me Ole....China

Post graduate 1998
Some of you know that I'm a potter by trade, my teenage rebellion after high school was to throw mud, whereas the other private school girls had higher ambitions at Melb uni and the like!
 Not me....it was art school! 
Much to the torment of Parents and Brother!

This is me in my final post graduate year, with all my clay babies!

Pottery in Australia Magazine-winter 1997 graduate
 In my graduating year I was published and received a highly commended for my work at the 'Walker Ceramic Awards' in 1997.

Hand carved porcelain ware- Celadon glaze
Photo of my Graduate work
 All my pieces at that exhibition were sold and I still wonder where they went?

 Early on in my course I fell in love with carving clay, below is my first example, completed in 1st year. Next to it is a work by reknown potter Elaine Coleman, she kindly carved one of my own pots as a thankyou, for assisting her when she came to our art school, for an artist in residence!

First carved work with an example of Elaine Coleman's expertise.

Elaine Coleman

 Her work still leaves me gasping!

 So fast forward to 2008, heavily pregnant and I quickly made my last ceramic pieces!

Poor bird teapot :(
 If you know anything about clay, then know this, she is a cruel mistress! 
After countless hours throwing the teapot, modelling and carving the bird's, too only break in the last firing, rendering the teapot useless! 
She now lives in the garden....still breaks my heart to see her :(

My pottery career to date!

 Today, as you know I have increasing love for retro ceramics and a growing collection, meet my latest, $10 thankyou very much!

Bitossi ash tray

 With no need to work in clay because macrame has taken over my life!I thought I had not missed it but ........not anymore, this morning I went to the clay shop and reacquainted myself with anything and everything there!

 I hope to begin making again and soon but this time my work will be about me now, it will include my love of drawing, embroidery, macrame and retro ceramics as well!
So watch this space, I'm back with the MUD!

Lion tile I made with my students...ROAR!

ps  Look back to the photo, beside one of my knees is an orb pot. (round vase) 
She rolled around the boot of my car for weeks..till our Post-Grad exhibition. 
She was bought by Dame Elizabeth Murdoch.....mmmm yes! 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

:: Blog-Design-Dedication #2

This macrame hanger is inspired by the infectious blog, created by Tania Maree from Scandi Coast Home!

She has a very attuned eye for all things Scandi and Coast, her interior shots of her home and herself are immaculate.
She's a relaxed and witty Lass too, she'd be the last person to expect this but hey!

One visit to her lovely part of the world and she'll have you spotting anything seafoam, from a mile off!

Hand dyed turquoise twine with the natural twine gives the coastal look! 
I have left the twine around the circle, with a bit of a fringe, for a little bit of Boho.
Which I'm sure Tania Maree would approve.
The small white felt balls break up the vivid colour, for a small bit of Scandi.

My green and blue art glass vase are amongst Tania's favourite colours, as well as a shell for effect!

Tania Maree, I dedicate this post to you because your blog has me seeing Scandi Coast, where ever I go!


Sunday, 7 October 2012

:: Blog-Design-Dedication #1

This will be the first post in my new series of posts, called Blog-Design-Dedication.
This is where I take inspiration from blogs I read and create a macrame piece that I think is reflective of the person and their blog!  (bit of fun really)
I have plenty of macrame ideas and plenty of blogs to source from, so no one is safe really!

This dream-catcher/wall hanging has been inspired 
by Kylie Lucy Violet Vintage

It's very retro, which is what Kylie likes but the floral/sun pattern has a delicate vintage vibe, like a nice crochet dress. It's pretty and delicate, which describes our dedicatee, just look at a pic of her!

 The pops of orange are a common feature in her home styling as are the W.G pottery!I don't think she is opposed to a bit of fringing either!

Kylie loves teak too!
Kylie, this post I dedicate to you......cause your Ace!

Psst- Kylie and Donna are having a Retro Cook Off,  join in!


Friday, 5 October 2012

:: Vertical Garden

 I'm not the only 'creative' in the Ouch House.

This was Mr's idea!
His words "gets the crap off the floor".

Ahh what a front door welcome....  and a perfect excuse for more plants, thankyou Mr Ouch Flower!

Apple crates and IKEA pots.

The boy's growing sea shell and pine cone collection!
: Pippa