Friday, 5 October 2012

:: Vertical Garden

 I'm not the only 'creative' in the Ouch House.

This was Mr's idea!
His words "gets the crap off the floor".

Ahh what a front door welcome....  and a perfect excuse for more plants, thankyou Mr Ouch Flower!

Apple crates and IKEA pots.

The boy's growing sea shell and pine cone collection!
: Pippa


  1. This looks lovely! what a great idea x

  2. Lovely idea ... very effective ... Bee x

  3. Looks awesome Pippa.
    I love those brown tiles on your porch too btw.

  4. I saw those brown tiles too!! I did! I love them. I love how we all love the same things. Love! And the boxes look excellent. Excellent. How do you handle your buckets of creativeness? I think my mind would explode if I had so many great ideas.

  5. Great idea and indeed, it does get the crap off the floor! Who knew? ;-)

  6. Bravo, Mr. Ouchie! That was a wonderful idea. It may have been practical to get the crap off the floor, but it's beautiful too.

  7. MMMC and Kylie you too have beady eyes! If it's brown you don't miss it! LOL! My home is seventies brick so that's a left over from those days, we renovated the kitchen and squared off the arches and said goodbye to the salon style doors! I will have to post some before and after pics!

    Mr Ouchie is very pleased with himself and chuffed with your compliments xx

  8. Brilliant idea Mr Ouchie. Had to laugh at the 'get the crap off the floor' quote. Its something I hear all too often :)


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