Sunday, 28 July 2013

Tassel & Thrift

Blue George

Here is the NEW look Tassel Garland, less paper tissue garland more wall art?........I hope?

Now with nine slim tassels and an optional extra of 10 large natural wooden beads.
This one is dyed in the royal blue, so aptly named.

 Some new tassel makers are about.... so I will be doing some serious development and refining of my ideas, to ensure some autonomy.

I want to continue with tassels, so I feel I must come up with a new approach.
I hope you won't mind this place becoming a bit of a tassel fest for a while?

These options will be in the shop soon.

Dip dyed Rapunzel with a macramé knot.

Dip dyed tassel with a Macramé knot.

My latest finds, a Bitossi lamp and Laurids Lonborg Teak Owl.
Check out this pinterest board for more

Both were bargains so I'm a happy camper! The owl has lost his eyes but I think I will fix that with some black seed beads.

The lamp needs a lovely new shade...I'm looking forward to making that.
On the home front, Ouch boy is moving into the big boy's room...and I'm hoping his toys will follow him! ;0

Back to pinterest, one of my boards has over 11,000 followers! 
Crazy Mid Century lovers!


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Royal Curtsy

The winter light was just right this morning. 

I have not edited these images, 'brownies promise' look at the colour of our newly painted lounge room at chez Ouch!

 It's the dulux colour 'Royal Curtsy' very apt for today!
.....wouldn't you say?

Change of camera angle and it looks very dark,  
What an amazing colour and here's my new tassel garland!
....with a macramé knot and dyed gold!

 Add some vintage teak beads for a different look!

Latest thrift find, a dish by Broadstairs pottery in the UK.
I think I would like to collect this maker so keep your eyes peeled for me!


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Market time

Just a small vertical garden in jute.
It's my second market tomorrow and the weather is dreadful 
but I'm still looking forward to it!

Hope to see you there!


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Tassel Tales

A big heartfelt thanks to you all for popping by and letting me know your thoughts and feelings towards having Ouch Tassels made off shore (India)?
I get alot of unsolicitated mail in my inbox and I'm asked alot of questions, most I'm pleased to answer too.
The saying 'Yes Please' to these questions have been the driving force of the direction Ouch Flower is taking, the saying of No thanks' is what's keeping it on track!....I hope?

I don't really have a grand plan....just idea's I muse about...then time fortunately presents the opportunities I was looking for.

 The making is the joy for me whatever it is, tassel, macramé or clay. The end product, is the end of the journey and I'm always itching to start making again! 
I would make a great Rapunzel for Rumpelstiltskin!

So just when you thought you could do no more with tassels and you think the run might be over.... then you can!

I had been musing about combining the macramé knot with the tassel for ages....then!

Meet the 'Mac Tassel' or 'Knot Top Tassel' or Uber Tassel'?

So.... No to 'off shore' for me, I will continue to make these tasselly things, I'm not out to flood the market with tassels, I'm not out to make a million bucks, I'm not out to make unnecessary mass produced fodder either, just beautiful things that folk would like to have.

What name do you think?

Pippa x

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Winter sun, a vertical garden, Dulux and India calling!

A while back Mr Ouch and I made this....

I wanted a wall of cascading green, I think we are getting pretty close and if winter is not putting a dampener on growth, then this summer, this vertical garden is going to be a cracker!

I highly recommend you get yourself some guttering and go nuts!

...happy planting makes me happy, school holidays makes me happy, making stuff makes me happy,
hanging with my family and friends makes me happy....

but changing my pink wall in the lounge room to a deep royal blue, like the one from the Dulux campaign makes me very happy....some style shots to come!

For now I leave you with this!

......if India wrote to you and said 'hey we can make your tassels for you at a small cost'?
...would you????

Tassel maker or not?

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Latch Hook Wall Hanging...the shag

Five weeks ago, I had this crazy idea that I wanted to do a latch hook to repurpose all the tassel twine I had dyed up, that didn't make the grade!

Well.....countless hours and 4032 latch's later, a little trim here and there and she's done!

 Overall she's 85 cm X 50 cm in size and a tad heavy! :)

 I would love to make more of these to sell?
But how do you price such a thing?

This process has given me, such a greater understanding of what and how the 70's fibre artists, created their works!

I was born in 75....but I think if I had been born earlier I would of fitted right in! you like the metre long black tassel?

It's a custom order! ....when asked if I could do it, I jumped at the chance.....very sexy bit of twine that one.

There's more to come on that front so I will keep you posted!

Do you like it ?
Should I pursue this shaggy adventure?

You want to run your fingers through it don't you?.....come round I will put the kettle on!

Pippa x

Friday, 5 July 2013

How to latchhook

I have been spending my evenings, slowly latch hooking this wall hanging.
I tried using my leftovers from tassel making in weaving but I felt the cotton twine just screams to be a shaggy wall hanging instead.
 You can buy the latch hook weave mat at your local craft shop and I still had my childhood latch hook circa 80's!

Place hook, with latch open into one of the grid holes, place twine/wool looped over the handle.

Bring twine/wool up into the hook and close latch.

 And pull through!

Know repeat ALOT!

Nearly finished!
lastly I have to think up some sort of frame to hang it from, 
cos it is now very shaggy and very heavy!

I'll post soon the finished work!

Do you latch hook?
Have I inspired you to give it ago again?


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Peach Macrame Wall, Sheepskin, Thonet = Scandi?

School holidays...such a relief!
I get to make, I get to hang out with ouch boy, photograph in natural light and blog during the day!

I dyed up this twine weeks ago, peach....I just love the peach!
I said to myself, just keep the knot work simple, nice and clean etc.....but I couldn't help put in a little flourish!

 Anyone else got a thing for sheepskin this winter?

I picked up this beauty at the oppy for $15. 

What luxury to seat on and how warm is your toss!
I thought old 'peachy' here had a scandi look about her?

The macramé wall hanging family so far!

What colour next?

Gold with Arabian Blue?

Your nodding now aren't you? ....Yes Yes Yes?

MMMC are you yelling at the screen?


Pippa x 

Psst there's a giveaway going on over here!