Sunday, 30 June 2013

Tassels & Concrete

I know!
What a match made in heaven!

I met Sarah from saraihomewares on instagram, as you do?
She popped in to say hello at my recent market, I returned the favour on Friday night. 
She was selling her wares at another market in Seaford.

Well I had to buy some of her concrete tea light holders!
......and look they match my tassels so seamlessly!

We chatted about doing a collab?
What do you think?

 I truly think they are lovely!
It was nice to meet another local maker, enthusiastic and talented!


On an important side note, please add me to your Bloglovin or other blog reader cos I'd hate to see you go!!


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

an emerald green tassel and more!

 Well it's 6 months till the jolly old man comes a visiting!
But why wait till Xmas for emerald green tassels? is the pantone colour of the year aswell!

These are for a custom order so I had to show you before they are packaged and posted!

 This has been a huge week for Ouch Flower.....I'm over here and over here

Teal, Black & Gold tassels
but the biggest thing was our 7th Wedding anniversary, Mr Ouch gave me those pair of pewter salt and pepper shakers, an excellent and stylish choice!
I found him a book on Golf Course Architecture! 
Both thrifted and with homemade cards...nice :)

Is it time to bring back the gold tassel?

School holidays in three sleeps time ....then it's giveaway time and a big ouch bead making extravaganza!

Ohhh and I helped a friend with her blog banner...her old one wasn't stylish enough for her, cos she's very stylish!


psst....If you need some new blog banner help say so... cos I'd like the experience, kinda want to build a portfolio up, might like to venture into blog design in the future? charge!

psst...a huge welcome to you new blog friends.....say hello!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Winter musings

 We have woken up to the coldest morning in Melbourne so far this winter! ......0 degrees!
Mr Ouch is out at his weekend job at the local golf course, mowing the greens...I fear an icicle will return soon :)

This year for him has been caring for us and running Ouch Boy around and to find the career change he has needed.....out of the classroom and into the unknown.

A while back he mentioned a desire to be a grounds keeper, a job that harks back to his park ranger days in Wales. Working outdoors, getting the earth in your fingers!
We mused, how does a man still on the sunny side of forty get an apprenticeship?
I suggested he write an old fashioned letter to all the local golf courses and offer his time, for work experience.

His letter was answered and it has been some months now, that he has been busy learning this new role.
We are hoping this will turn into full time work soon as Ouch Boy goes to big school and we as a family step into another new adventure!

For me, it's time to take stock and find the new direction I would like to go?
Ouch Flower has achieved many things I never thought possible and at times it seems to have a mind of it's will?
Some must think I have a massive PR firm peddling my wares but that's not the case, it's just me, at home with a bundle of twine at my feet.
I think I will do less and make more of what I do?  
I think I will choose to take on opportunities that keep me still in control of my work? ...and I think I will only do things that make me happy, too?
I feel detached from the goings on in the blog world too, I have missed too many posts and have not been able to visit you all as much as I would like? I need to find a better balance, in all the things I do!

Day job is good, at times intense, getting teenagers to reach their creative personal best is exhausting there's alot of 'you can do it" (smile) speak!!! and alot 'you better get your work done' 
(disapproving look) too!

Now to what this post was meant to be about...thrift!
I now have a complete desert set for my dream dinner party!
I picked up three of the small bowls and the large one last Friday, what a haul!

The Figgio was found by my thrift pal Estelle, cause she knows I can't always be there to get the good stuff!
Isn't it lovely!!

Estelle has a craft label called Fable Folk, pop over and have a look at her store!

Well, it's one more week till school holidays........and it's going to be giveaway time!!!

Thanks all

Pippa x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Never thought I'd venture into Jute territory but I did and I'm very pleased with the results!

Note there is no tassel...just a sleek tear-drop shape.

What do you think?

1200mm and 700mm

 Perfect for an outdoor hurricane lamp or terrarium?

In the shop soon!

Pippa :)

Monday, 17 June 2013

Ouch Beads

black, blue with sapphire

I'd forgotten about these.....
Shame on me because I really enjoy making them, working with clay just makes sense to me!
So with the beads I found, coupled with some hand dyed twine and here are the results!

 I like the copper end caps over any other metal choice...but would you like to see silver and gold?

arabian blue with pink

white with black

coral with indigo

blue ,black, indigo on leather

This is my favourite!

What's yours ?

chartreuse with yellow

In the shop soon!


Market Madness!

Ouch Boy with camera again! :)
 A cold morning but with a beautiful wintery sun, 
to welcome us in!

Note the jute, I'm going oh naturale!

I managed to put together some Ouch Beads, left over Dec 2012 stock....forgot I had them?

Our humble Scout Hall, bunting out to welcome the market stall goers!

The Stall holders!

Ruth @ Kaamer boutique

Market Organiser Bella's work!

Stacey @ Poppet Designs!

Bit of MC architecture here, fancy for a scout hall?

Caylie @ The Creature Workshop

 A big thanks to all who visited me on the day! 
Family, mothers group pals, my thrift buddies, insta-pals and blog-friends!!

...special thanks to Mr Ouch and Ouch Boy for putting up with Ouchie Mama's pre-market jitters!xxxx


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Design Sponge

over here!

I'm overcome with joy, shed a tear.

and by the lovely blog friends,
I share today with you too.............just saying


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Dip Dyed Macramé Wall Hanging

So now I can reveal, the wall hanging 
I made for Inside Out magazine!
It was lovely to be asked 
and yes I think I will make more, for the shop!

Violet with natural beads and copper olives!