Saturday, 22 June 2013

Winter musings

 We have woken up to the coldest morning in Melbourne so far this winter! ......0 degrees!
Mr Ouch is out at his weekend job at the local golf course, mowing the greens...I fear an icicle will return soon :)

This year for him has been caring for us and running Ouch Boy around and to find the career change he has needed.....out of the classroom and into the unknown.

A while back he mentioned a desire to be a grounds keeper, a job that harks back to his park ranger days in Wales. Working outdoors, getting the earth in your fingers!
We mused, how does a man still on the sunny side of forty get an apprenticeship?
I suggested he write an old fashioned letter to all the local golf courses and offer his time, for work experience.

His letter was answered and it has been some months now, that he has been busy learning this new role.
We are hoping this will turn into full time work soon as Ouch Boy goes to big school and we as a family step into another new adventure!

For me, it's time to take stock and find the new direction I would like to go?
Ouch Flower has achieved many things I never thought possible and at times it seems to have a mind of it's will?
Some must think I have a massive PR firm peddling my wares but that's not the case, it's just me, at home with a bundle of twine at my feet.
I think I will do less and make more of what I do?  
I think I will choose to take on opportunities that keep me still in control of my work? ...and I think I will only do things that make me happy, too?
I feel detached from the goings on in the blog world too, I have missed too many posts and have not been able to visit you all as much as I would like? I need to find a better balance, in all the things I do!

Day job is good, at times intense, getting teenagers to reach their creative personal best is exhausting there's alot of 'you can do it" (smile) speak!!! and alot 'you better get your work done' 
(disapproving look) too!

Now to what this post was meant to be about...thrift!
I now have a complete desert set for my dream dinner party!
I picked up three of the small bowls and the large one last Friday, what a haul!

The Figgio was found by my thrift pal Estelle, cause she knows I can't always be there to get the good stuff!
Isn't it lovely!!

Estelle has a craft label called Fable Folk, pop over and have a look at her store!

Well, it's one more week till school holidays........and it's going to be giveaway time!!!

Thanks all

Pippa x


  1. Winter morning greetings, your plans for Ouchflower and beyond sound great. Less is sometimes more, and doing what makes you happy is the ticket. Glad Mr Ouch has found his new path. Have a great weekend. : ) xx

  2. What a great iittala haul you have there. That decanter is the bomb. I hope I will find one in my travels.

    And I think it's so fab that you are doing so well - doing what you love best and being true to yourself will always make you a winner! xx

    1. I will look out for you! will only be a matter of time!

      And thanks for your lovely support too, Brismod! xx

  3. lovely finds pippa....and lovely dreams that are coming true. it takes guts to change direction. im a tad jealous of mr ouch....not so much the mowing of lawns in freezing weather although im sure that's fun?....but going after what he wants....not many run with the chance to do that. and you my dear....well you know your fab...don't you?!....what fantastic role models you both are to the littlest ouch.
    oh and that dream dinner party.....Im in!! (yep I just invited meself...I do that kind of thing!) xx

    1. He has definitely turned lemons into lemonade, clever Mr Ouch!
      ...of course your invited, every dinner party needs a fire cracker! xx

  4. I'm amazed and thrilled at what you've achieved. I'm sure it's hard work doing it all on your own. It's also fabulous you're doing something you love ... teaching will help pay the bills but maybe one day you can give that up. Mr Ouch should also follow his dreams. The life of a green keeper sounds quite pleasant.xo

  5. Oh Pippa, it's so lovely to hear about you both following your hearts, you can't go wrong with that. It's been such a treat to follow you on your way to macramé success, and it sounds like mr Ouch is also letting his heart lead him to his dream job.
    Oh goodness, you know how I feel about Ultima Thule, it's the most gorgeous glass design ever:-) I keep hoping that carafe will appear on a dusty shelf over here, it's sooo beautiful!

    1. That carafe will appear for both you and Brismod, I have my fingers crossed! pleased you came over that day and have stayed for the ride! xx

  6. I usually find in life the opportunities come along, it's no good planning too much, or stressing, things have a way of working out! :) x

    1. Thanks for the sage advice Miss Bea! xx

  7. Your description of sitting at home with a bundle of twine at your feet reminded me of the miller's daughter in Rumplestiltskin, sitting in her tower spinning straw into gold ( yeah, I know, if only it were that easy!)
    I am so happy that the lovely things you make are getting the attention they deserve. I am a very proud 'big Sis'. It has been fun tagging along for the ride and getting to know you through your blog. You are a very special person Pipstar. It sounds like you and the Mr have got it sorted, supporting each other so that you can both follow your dreams. I can see a nice old fashioned trifle in that iittala x

    1. Ohh I love a bit of triffle, very boozey!
      Thanks Big Sis! xx

  8. Your Iittala finds are are gorgeous. I love, love, love Ultima Thule.

    You have done such a marvelous job with Ouch Flower, and every bit of recognition has been truly deserved. I'm so excited for you. And I do agree with you that part of being successful and happy in your work is to monitor what you're doing and how you feel about doing it, assess how effective your strategies are and plan ahead constantly.

    Hardly a day goes by that my SIL doesn't do just that. He totally has his finger on the pulse of the business (and the family's happiness level), and I think that's the main reason he's done so well in such a short time.

    That's exactly why I feel so sure that you're going to take Ouch Flower to incredible heights. I think you have that same talent for analysis.

    1. Gosh Dana, thankyou for those kind words, I hope so, in whatever form it takes? SIL and Daughter are very lucky to have you! xx

  9. So lovely that everything seems to have panned out for you and hopefully it will continue to for a very long while ... Ouch Flower is great and things can only get better ... lovely thrifty finds too ... why am I never so lucky ;) ... Bee xx

    1. I'm sending you some thrift luck Bee! Use it well!
      And thanks xx

  10. I so hope everything goes well with the Mr finding his new career. And yes, yours has so taken off and it's been wonderful watching that happen - congratulations Pippa :) Your thrift finds are fab. Kx

  11. I'm sure that whatever you and Mr. Ouch decide will bring you success. It's been fun watching you fine tune what you want/love and seeing the recognition follow. I'm sure more of the same will continue!

    Love your UT collection - please show us the spread when you get that dinner party set up!

    Btw, used one of your tassels in an Etsy Treasury today! Love it!

  12. It is just warming up here. We are such opposites on the weather front. It is hard for me to think of June as winter and December as summer. I am a big believer in working for free and I am glad your family decided to give it a go. I know one has to do a job for money, but the free work is for fun, and creativity and pleasure. That is why I blog. It is my free job. My real job is for the money. I am glad Mr. Ouch is going to trying and combine them. I am not sure that I can combine them, but as long as my free job doesn't turn into work, I'll be okay. Good luck. The answer always shows up when you are looking for it.


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