Sunday, 29 July 2012

:: I collect handmade jewellery

 I love jewellery!
My mum bought me my first ever ring from a street market in Melbourne, it is silver with a black onyx, very cool for a teenager.
There begun my love for handmade jewellery and I have amassed many great pieces over the years. My mum continues to add to my collection and now I also add to hers, it is something that we share. 
I blame my maternal grandmother, she was a jewellery collector too!
There was a time, when I was interested in only silver and semi precious stones and wouldn't touch anything else but I'm less picky and open to new things! 

(When I was 18 I knew everything, now I know nothing and learn along the way)

So I have started what a call the craft jewellery collection, that I wear everyday! (depending on outfit)
I'm an Art teacher, we are meant to inspire and lead the way!
Wizzer and Whyte
 Beaded jewellery made from semi Precious stones, really weighty and lovely to wear!
Emily Green
 Polymer clay beads, gorgeous colours on silver necklaces.
Jen Booth
 Stitched leather locket to hide your secrets in, sooo cute.
 Handmade, hand painted porcelain jewellery- my favourite!

And this is why!
Their work is so close to my own pottery aesthetic that I openly adore their work and secretly wish I had of thought of it.

My Hand carved porcelain lidded form and their pressed pattern work, we are twins!
My work is circa 2007, completed months before my son was born, missed that bandwagon!

If you are due to start another collection? 
I highly recommend the craft jewellery collection, artworks as adornments!

:Pippa x

Thursday, 26 July 2012

:: Turning Japanese

 I have seen this collections of Japanese books about the place.  Each one focuses on a different subject such as: 
Stockholm's Kitchens, Stockholm Family Style, Paris Family Style, London Family Style and Finland Family Style!

I have always thought to myself that if I couldn't read Japanese, it might be pointless to buy it!

Then one day, my son, a wise little man said "Mummy what are you doing?"
I replied, with iPad in hand "Reading".
"No your not! Your looking at pictures" was his reply. 
I was reading my blog roll!

So... as I do alot of 'looking at pictures' and the cover of Nordic Deco Ideas was coaxing me like a Siren's Song to Sailors! 

I thought, I would give it a go!

So glad and I highly recommend!

What a delightful little book!

 Happy Reading to you!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

:: Planter & Pot!

Say hello to my new retro planter!

I had been wanting a planter for a while now, so I have busily planted with any plants that were hanging around.
I feel so Betty from Mad Men!

Could this be a piece of W.G Pottery?
It's very small and sweet with a leaf type, depressed pattern.

This is the only stamp, what do you think?

Hope your well?


Sunday, 22 July 2012

:: Winner of the Lovely Vintage Giveaway.

Firstly thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment! 
Letting me know how you came to my blog has helped me understand what I want from blogging and my blog but also how to blog successfully!
By successfully, I mean enjoying it and making it your own!

So before the big announcement, I would like to recall to you, how I came across your blog!

Dana @ Mid@Mod
Ohh many moons ago!
I think I was doing a random Mid-Century Google search and your blog came up and I haven't looked back and learnt so much!

Yes the "Man" did tell me, you were blogging and I had just started and I thought if she likes to thrift "she'd be alright"!  
(psst... your lovely)

Anyone who calls herself Make Mine Mid Century, loves Bitossi and french cuffs, has to be followed!
I think I came across you via Fun and VJ's.
Often if I like the sound of the blog name, I will venture to check out and I did, so pleased I did!
Either through MMMC or Fun and VJ's.

Kylie Hunt @ Paravent
It must have been through my creative space, I must of liked the pic of your work and followed you from "3 sheets" to Paravent!

I think from Paravent but we also like many of the same blogs but the name of your blog would have intrigued me!

I think I might have followed you first, via pinterest? or a comment from another blog? Again I liked the name hello olive!

I saw that Kylie had joined your jubilee swap and I had to join too! :)

Brismod @ Fun and VJs
I was doing a random Google search and came across Modernist Australia, I would have followed a comment from there, so glad I did, loving the adventures of Jason and your bark glass collection!!

I think it may have been a comment you left on Heather Nette King's blog, again the name of your blog, then your absolute dedication to Scandi Coast design!

Kate @ Fox lane
Believe it or not Kate I found you in 2008, around the time of your trip around Australia! Must have been via Pip's Meet me at mikes? I wasn't a blogger then. It was only recently that I remembered you again and became a follower!
Hubby and I are feeling the lure of the road but really I just want to decorate a caravan, just as you did!

I think it might of been our joint membership in the The Thrift collective! and because I love the loot!

A very special welcome too you!


Hannah @ Just Peachy, Darling.

The winner is Lakota!!!!!!!!

Congratulations and I will email you shortly to get your address!

For the rest of you, why don't you check out the blogs of the other participants, who knows you might meet a new blog friend!

Thanks again all 
:Pippa xx 

ps No toddlers were harmed in the making of this giveaway but they were given a choccie biccie in return for their services!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

:: Some handsome German's, with a bit of MC Brass.

The current West German Collection!
The more I love West German pottery the more I love West German pottery!

Today's finds are really feminine and decorative, look at the pattern on the green one? 
The turquoise one is screaming for a lovely lush plant!
The variety is endless, this I did not know...sorry I'm gushing but I can't help it!
The West German's are all over my instagram account, sorry MMMC, I know I'm killing you here, but it is with kindness!

The brass collection has been slowly creeping in over the last year.
A few $'s here and a few $'s there, they are small and sit on top of my picture frames.

Do you have this problem?

Collecting without realising that you were collecting?

Till on one sunny morning the winter sun shines in, and highlights your recent hoardings!
Beware the small brass collection.

 One more sleep till the big giveaway announcement!

See you then!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

:: Bespoke Love

I was sent a very sweet email introducing me to this lovely Magazine. 
I was asked if I'd like to read an issue.....which I have.

I liked it so much that I have become a subscriber for these reasons.

*I have a magazine addiction!
*It's Australian and I love supporting our own!
*It's full of crafty goodness and lovely illustrations to boot!
*It is, what it is called, Bespoke, created by like minded folk for like minded folk!
*I think every issue will be an indulgence!
*Or as suggested enjoyed with a cuppa!

 Check out Bespoke here!

Thanks to Megan for popping by the blog and getting in contact, I'm pleased you came!

Three more sleeps till the grand announcement.....The winner of the



Sunday, 15 July 2012

:: Lovely Vintage Giveaway

 Yes... that's right! 
I would like to host a giveaway.

My Lovely Vintage Giveaway includes:

A handmade grocery tote bag!
Sewn using two up-cycled vintage tablecloths.
Imagine walking down your High St with this tote filled with fresh seasonal fruit, yummy cheese and a fresh baguette!

A Great read!
A nice addition to your coffee table book stack!
A small embroidery!
Created by me in my pre-blogging days when embroidery was my vice!....macrame has taken over lately!

A Doily!
I added the letterform to this already lovely example of vintage needlework.
"You may have a nice day" suggest that we have a choice sometimes to make a day count!
From a goodwill wish to a "I'm gonna make this happen"!

Why?...Why not? 
If you haven't already guessed yet? 
 I make alot! now it was time to share some.
Also the book landed on my doorstep, part of a book order and I already have one!

All I ask in return is
Tell me in your comment, how you came upon my little blog?

Did I follow you first? Did you follow a link? Are you a FB liker? Were you just curious as to what an Ouch Flower was?

If after this you would like to be a follower then GREAT, your WELCOME and THANKS.


I will post anywhere and announce the winner Sunday 22nd of July 2012. 
The winner will be picked out of a hat, by a toddler...good luck!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

:: An Ouch Flower Design.

If an ouchflower was a real flower I think it would look like this!
A while back I did a course on screen printing at Harvest Workroom in Brunswick, if your a Melbournite then this is a place for you to learn new things!

I created this tea towel design on the spot, occasionally not all idea's must be developed, sometimes they just are? 

Don't tell any of my students I said that, their months of developmental work would be undermined totally!

So as you know I have been very busy polishing up my Photoshop skills and I had been wanting to take my original tea towel design and create a digital illustration of it Ta Da!

Believe me when I say that it has taken months and many attempts to try to do this......most attempts ending in explicit language and glasses of wine.

Then yesterday the penny dropped, the layers I created worked and this was done in a couple of hours, like magic!

This means that yet again I will be changing the look of the blog to incorporate this image in!
YEAH more Photoshop!      (I'm addicted)


I'm sharing over here today @ My Creative Space!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

:: A New Idea

We made it, post 100!
Look how technologically advanced you are compared to post number one in August 2011.

I'm sure you have noticed a few changes around here, I have turned into a photoshop machine, seeking ideas and how too's like a mad woman! 
I think I have settled on my look now but...... I'm fickle and love change!
A great site for inspiration I have found is Pugly Pixel, with many great ideas and freebies!

 This is the latest idea I have been working on!

A bit of Scandi meets macrame cool I think? 
I'm not entirely sure what I will do from here but it was a nice challenge and change from the hangers.

Thanks to the loveliest Kylie for the inspiration, in the form of this lovely seventies pattern, nice and hairy scary!

Any thoughts?


Monday, 9 July 2012

:: 8 Little West Germans!

Orange with a speckled brown glaze & black retro line eclipse motif.
Bands of black& white with red, black line decoration.
Grey mottled glaze with red, black line decoration.
Soft pink & red glaze with black line decoration.
Orange and yellow mottled glaze with black flecks.

I am now the happy owner of all these lovely West German's!

I was contacted by the previous owner due to a previous West German post and she asked if i would like some more?............the rest is history!

But what to do? 
Can you have too many? 
I'm not sure I can find the room?

but they are sooo lovely :)

Tell me which is your favourite?


Saturday, 7 July 2012

:: Winter Family

 We took some time out this week for family time and introduced the boy to snow! (Lake Mountain)

 We can't take credit for the snow man but for the smiling child........he loved it!

West German Pottery

 And yes it wouldn't be a holiday without a spot of thrifting! I have come away from my usual blues to fiery oranges and the best yellow I have ever seen!

a nice read too!