Saturday, 21 July 2012

:: Some handsome German's, with a bit of MC Brass.

The current West German Collection!
The more I love West German pottery the more I love West German pottery!

Today's finds are really feminine and decorative, look at the pattern on the green one? 
The turquoise one is screaming for a lovely lush plant!
The variety is endless, this I did not know...sorry I'm gushing but I can't help it!
The West German's are all over my instagram account, sorry MMMC, I know I'm killing you here, but it is with kindness!

The brass collection has been slowly creeping in over the last year.
A few $'s here and a few $'s there, they are small and sit on top of my picture frames.

Do you have this problem?

Collecting without realising that you were collecting?

Till on one sunny morning the winter sun shines in, and highlights your recent hoardings!
Beware the small brass collection.

 One more sleep till the big giveaway announcement!

See you then!


  1. Such beautiful collections. Really, your vase collection hits me in the chest every time I see one of your pieces. You are killing me. Killing meeeeee! But I love you and your crazy genius, so that's okay. That I'm dying here!!

  2. I just found my first piece of West German pottery too. Now my eyes are peeled for it wherever I go! I too seem to have new collections cropping up all the time. I love your pottery collection.

  3. You've got a great WG collection. My problem is I have no more flat surfaces to put them on. Loving the brass animals. They are so cute on your frames. xx

  4. I love the textured look of the pottery.
    I have been a fan for ages.
    And Bitossi too!!! ;o)
    Tania xx

  5. They're lovely, just like you x

  6. What an amazing collection! Still loving that gorgeous little mouse the best :) Kx

  7. I love the green and blue,can't beat pretty flowers and swirls.That's certainly an amazing collection to date,beautiful colours Pippa.

  8. Thanks Ladies, shame the husband does not share your eloquence or good taste but you can't have everything!
    Kylie this is for you xx

    And V.B.G your in for a long lasting love affair, they are addictive!

    now stop reading this the giveaway has been announced!

  9. It's so true about creeper collections. I didn't mean to but I've now amassed about 10 pieces of Scandinavian glass! I'm not complaining, but my husband is! Supposedly, bookshelves are for books.

  10. Beautiful! I love how you have it displayed too :)

  11. ooohhh! I'm in love with your collection! So cool

  12. Love the little mouse.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  13. The green vase is just beautiful, the pattern, the shape - everything! Really like the way all of your West German pieces look stored together, so striking!

    Jem xXx

  14. What a beautiful collection of West German ... I am trying to resist the temptation of starting collection ... it's futile though .... I've been bitten by the bug, Bee x

    PS Your blog is great ... just joined your followers!

  15. Welcome Bee, yes it is futile, WG pottery are easy to covet!
    I have joined you too! :)


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