Sunday, 22 July 2012

:: Winner of the Lovely Vintage Giveaway.

Firstly thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment! 
Letting me know how you came to my blog has helped me understand what I want from blogging and my blog but also how to blog successfully!
By successfully, I mean enjoying it and making it your own!

So before the big announcement, I would like to recall to you, how I came across your blog!

Dana @ Mid@Mod
Ohh many moons ago!
I think I was doing a random Mid-Century Google search and your blog came up and I haven't looked back and learnt so much!

Yes the "Man" did tell me, you were blogging and I had just started and I thought if she likes to thrift "she'd be alright"!  
(psst... your lovely)

Anyone who calls herself Make Mine Mid Century, loves Bitossi and french cuffs, has to be followed!
I think I came across you via Fun and VJ's.
Often if I like the sound of the blog name, I will venture to check out and I did, so pleased I did!
Either through MMMC or Fun and VJ's.

Kylie Hunt @ Paravent
It must have been through my creative space, I must of liked the pic of your work and followed you from "3 sheets" to Paravent!

I think from Paravent but we also like many of the same blogs but the name of your blog would have intrigued me!

I think I might have followed you first, via pinterest? or a comment from another blog? Again I liked the name hello olive!

I saw that Kylie had joined your jubilee swap and I had to join too! :)

Brismod @ Fun and VJs
I was doing a random Google search and came across Modernist Australia, I would have followed a comment from there, so glad I did, loving the adventures of Jason and your bark glass collection!!

I think it may have been a comment you left on Heather Nette King's blog, again the name of your blog, then your absolute dedication to Scandi Coast design!

Kate @ Fox lane
Believe it or not Kate I found you in 2008, around the time of your trip around Australia! Must have been via Pip's Meet me at mikes? I wasn't a blogger then. It was only recently that I remembered you again and became a follower!
Hubby and I are feeling the lure of the road but really I just want to decorate a caravan, just as you did!

I think it might of been our joint membership in the The Thrift collective! and because I love the loot!

A very special welcome too you!


Hannah @ Just Peachy, Darling.

The winner is Lakota!!!!!!!!

Congratulations and I will email you shortly to get your address!

For the rest of you, why don't you check out the blogs of the other participants, who knows you might meet a new blog friend!

Thanks again all 
:Pippa xx 

ps No toddlers were harmed in the making of this giveaway but they were given a choccie biccie in return for their services!


  1. It's so lovely you took the time with us all. That's amazing!. I'll be checking out the other blogs because they sound like my cup of tea......
    I thought of you the other day because I found a vintage macrame owl that is sooooo long and has a planter at the bottom (for $4.00).
    I'll blog it soo you can check it out ;o)
    Tania xx

  2. Oh Pippa, you are very sweet to take the time to mention each of us. I think that shows what sort of stuff you're made of. Those WG vases are in safe hands with you.

    I'm going to check out those blogs I don't know. Though of course, you'll always remain one of my favourites!

  3. You are a very thoughtful soul Miss Pippa to take the time to give us all a little mention. Lakota is a very lucky to win your lovely prize (she's a good egg like you too)

  4. Thanks Ladies!
    but commonsense really, we all like similar things and this blog business is about sharing and good manners, that's what I'm beginning to think anyway!
    Pot calling the kettle black Kylie, many of us have been the recipient of your generosity and kindness!
    I have just learnt from the master!
    Glad to hear Lakota is a good egg, I like a good egg! xx

  5. Thanks for the shout out again Pippa. And I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to discover a few new blogs too. I am so grateful there are many more bloggers that appreciate mid-century style than when I first started off blogging. xx

  6. Yey for Lakota! Thats really great. Your little helper did very well - so cute. I'm off to check out some of the above listed blogs! : ) x

  7. Well done Lakota! And thanks for the round up of how you came across all the blogs. I'm off to explore some of the others now! x


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