Tuesday, 24 July 2012

:: Planter & Pot!

Say hello to my new retro planter!

I had been wanting a planter for a while now, so I have busily planted with any plants that were hanging around.
I feel so Betty from Mad Men!

Could this be a piece of W.G Pottery?
It's very small and sweet with a leaf type, depressed pattern.

This is the only stamp, what do you think?

Hope your well?



  1. Hello new retro planter, nice to meet you. You're lovely.
    And yep, I think you've got yourself another new German, Pippa x

  2. Planter. Just divine, and I love how you've displayed and mixed the plants. Such an artistic way.

    Let's just say the vase is WG because it probably is and if it's not we won't tell a soul.

  3. Your planter is so beautiful. I'd give anything to find one like it. I'm going to cast my vote in favor of calling your vase W.G. too. Amazing finds, both of them!

  4. I have seen that vase before. Both Roth & Rushca often marked the base with a form number only. Try http://www.ginforsodditiques.com/ they have a lot of info on WG markings.

  5. I wouldn't describe the vase as depressed. It looks rather cheerful to me ;o)
    I LOVE the plater. That's so awesome!
    Tania xx

  6. Thanks for the link Veraleen, I will do some research!

    I think there would be some money in contemporary planter based on retro designs, not knock offs but designs in their own right, don't you think? Might need to. Make friends with a carpenter!

  7. Love your planter ... the little splayed legs are very cool :-) Bee x

  8. Love the splayed legs too,bet you were happy to find that one.I like those mother-in-law tongue plants.

  9. LOL! Tania I should have said impressed!

    Yes Simmone and Bee they are a great pair of legs! I nearly didn't buy this, I feared the 'we have too much furniture look' from the hubby! :)

  10. I have no idea about the vase (sorry) but I love it all the same!

  11. Hi, I can help you with your unidentified vase! I recognised it straightaway as Crown Lynn and the style is known as Greenstone, which was made in a few different shapes and colours - but they always have that indented pattern. Crown Lynn was New Zealand's most famous and long lived pottery company, and they often just had numbers on the base. Check out this link http://www.trademe.co.nz/pottery-glass/porcelain-pottery/crown-lynn/vases/auction-485305006.htm
    I've just found your blog, and love it! cheers Sally from across the Tasman!

  12. Thanks so much Sally, now we know, she fits right in with the WG! ;)


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