Thursday, 26 July 2012

:: Turning Japanese

 I have seen this collections of Japanese books about the place.  Each one focuses on a different subject such as: 
Stockholm's Kitchens, Stockholm Family Style, Paris Family Style, London Family Style and Finland Family Style!

I have always thought to myself that if I couldn't read Japanese, it might be pointless to buy it!

Then one day, my son, a wise little man said "Mummy what are you doing?"
I replied, with iPad in hand "Reading".
"No your not! Your looking at pictures" was his reply. 
I was reading my blog roll!

So... as I do alot of 'looking at pictures' and the cover of Nordic Deco Ideas was coaxing me like a Siren's Song to Sailors! 

I thought, I would give it a go!

So glad and I highly recommend!

What a delightful little book!

 Happy Reading to you!


  1. Wow,lots of eye-candy in there,love the colours and patterns. I tend to read too many pics as well,lol.

  2. Oooooooh...and what gorgeous pictures they are. I could look at them all day and not even care what the captions say.

  3. Such a lovely book - love the dolls house and the Ingela Arrhenius nesting dolls .... just goes to show ... pictures speak a thousand words :) Bee


    Book Depository? Tell me! Tell me! I'll only ever look at pictures again. (Smart lad you've got there.)

  5. PS Have you seen this blog post?

    Here you go MMMC but beware I will not be held responsible for your bank balance after your visit to this shop! xx

  7. Great book Pippa! When I buy interior magazines I hardly ever read the articles, I just look at the pics so your boy is very wise indeed :-) x

  8. Oh lucky day Pippa! You have triumphed over the odds and won my GIVEAWAY - as I see you have already discovered. If you wish to take up this amazing offer email me your address. And thank you for complimenting my photoshop know how. I actually taught myself!
    PS That book looks soooo good.

  9. Book looks great! Right up my alley.xx


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