Friday, 23 October 2015

Porcelain Wares

 Here are some images from my ever growing number of photo shoots I'm doing to get the shop ready for launch in November.
Styling the wares and getting the imagery right is the fun bit but I've been edtiting HTML and Photoshopping too.

I'm trying to get across what I'm about?... with trying to figure that out for myself too??
I like my pottery to be clean and crisp, so working in the porcelain has been an absolute joy!!
 I'm looking forward to creating my next collection and I've not even finished with this collection first, just got itchy clay fingers!

.....and I cant wait to create more 'white' works for my 'white on white' exhibition. 

That's right I'm going to create a body of work for exhibition looking into the fragility and strength of materials. 
I plan on using paper, porcelain and rope.

 I don't have a gallery organised yet but that will come?