Sunday 29 May 2016

PIN SIX Exhibition.

Big thing about wanting to make the leap into the Art to start taking myself seriously?

So with that I have entered into the PIN SIX Exhibiton at the Australian National Capital Artists

Its a wearable Art exhibition and I though 'Hey"...I can do that!

Here's my entry...a small brooch (7cm).
A hand carved porcelain centre with paper weaved surround.
A delicate piece.

 Wish me luck?

Friday 25 March 2016

Woven Rope Earrings.

 Just a sneak peek into what I'm busy making at the moment.
Little Woven Rope Earrings as studs or danglys, you choose!
They will be ready for Mothers Day. 
(fingers crossed)

Thursday 25 February 2016

The Seed Bead Collection

I'm pleased to show you, how the pieces look when worn.
A big thank you to my lovely model and well behaved kids,
we spent a lovely morning chatting and photographing.

When I see them being worn, they really come into their own, I hope the photographs translate this well.
I'm really pleased with this body of work. 

I have plans for an Autumn Collection  ...but there are some porcelain piece in production now and I cant wait to show you.

These works are in the SHOP.

Saturday 6 February 2016

The Seed Bead Collection 2016

Art Deco


Dusty Tones
This collection of Woven Rope necklaces will soon be in the shop.

My focus here was to work within three distinct colourways and play with the design elements and principles.
I use colour to highlight and accentuate shape and proportion.
I play with colour by bringing forth selected colours whilst receding others, within the crescent shape of the neck pieces.
It is this interplay that keeps me intrigued and passionate about making these art pieces.
I often say to myself...What more can I do? Where can I push the design? What are the new possibilities?

The Seed beads add another textural element to the work and a touch of glamour too!

Each piece is unique, I have no interest in making mass production, so most designs are unlikely to be made again. 
I want my work to evolve and roll out organically as I collect inspiration from many sources....but still be distinctly my own.

Next is to add the porcelain element!

x Philippa

Friday 23 October 2015

Porcelain Wares

 Here are some images from my ever growing number of photo shoots I'm doing to get the shop ready for launch in November.
Styling the wares and getting the imagery right is the fun bit but I've been edtiting HTML and Photoshopping too.

I'm trying to get across what I'm about?... with trying to figure that out for myself too??
I like my pottery to be clean and crisp, so working in the porcelain has been an absolute joy!!
 I'm looking forward to creating my next collection and I've not even finished with this collection first, just got itchy clay fingers!

.....and I cant wait to create more 'white' works for my 'white on white' exhibition. 

That's right I'm going to create a body of work for exhibition looking into the fragility and strength of materials. 
I plan on using paper, porcelain and rope.

 I don't have a gallery organised yet but that will come?


Monday 28 September 2015

The Woven Rope Necklace Collection.

One day I was playing with rope and I made a necklace....before I knew it, they became a collection!

All are different and unique. 
Some have porcelain marbled beads.
Made from a variety of fibres, Habu, Raffia, Gima, Cotton and Embroidery Thread.

....and all will soon be for sale in the online shop.