Monday, 6 April 2015

Pottery Plans

I bought a wheel! now I can finally begin my reintroduction to clay with lidded vessels, teapots and cylinders! 
So more of the above, I hope?
I am very excited.

Ouch boy has his eye on it though so this could be a family affair!

Pippa x 

Thursday, 1 January 2015

NEW ouch!

NEW ouch, NEW focus, NEW direction, NEW look.
...........a NEW year!

 These are some possible ideas for the website, if you have a preference let me know?
I'm just going to muse over them for a while and keep playing in Photoshop till I get the look I'm after?

It's been a while since I put a photo shoots together, I really enjoyed it!

My new focus for 2015 is 

bringing plants+pottery+people together

The next task is to save up for a NEW pottery wheel!

I hope you are enjoying the NEW day, of a NEW year.


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

flowers & iittala

I like flowers.
I like iittala.
I like taking pictures of flowers sitting in my iittala vases.
I like foraging for greenery to add to my floral arrangements.
I like to play 'florist'.

 I like playing photographer.

 I think paintings when I see these forms.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Ouch Babies

Here are the Ouch babies at 3 months!
Interesting how they look similar but different?....the joys of genetics!

While I was sorting through the photo's of my camera I found some that Ouch Boy had taken.
Not bad for a 6 year old, so I thought I'd share them with you!
I hope it's an interest later in life and not a passing fad?

You see things through a lens, that you might have ignored another time or in passing?

Here's another post on his photography, how his taste has changed or not? 
Technique has certainly improved?

My vote is between the 'bathroom windowsill' and his 'bedroom'?
Right out of 'real Living' ;-)

Pippa x

Friday, 14 November 2014

a little bit crafty

'fancy a shag wall dot'

I am a very lucky lady at the moment!
I am blessed with a happy, healthy family and great friends!
Creatively I'm on a roll too....Hoorah!

I was asked to contribute to the Frankie Magazine 'a little bit crafty' Mag!
Keep in mind I was 37 weeks pregnant at the time and Elin was kicking away like fiend, doctor appointments all over the place etc....but I'm sooo glad I said yes and submitted my project on time.
In between feeds I put this together after Elin was born.
I share this with many cool crafters, here's some of my favourites!

'perfect pear pincushion' Evie Barrow

 You can get your copy at all good newsagents or HERE.   :-)

'pretty awesome pop-up terrarium' Madalena Ksiezak

'ears to you' Kirsten Devitt

'get lei'd tonight' Maryann Talia pau

'second chance mittens' Esther Sandler

'keep your eye on the wall' Lauren Hassett
The Styling and photography for this book was created by 
Hilary Walker, fantastic work, beautiful lady!

Friday, 10 October 2014

7 weeks

Where did the time go? cliche but where? 
Your three weeks here, small, beautiful and cheeky! We had just taken you home again from hospital, yes again! A week stint in the special care nursery because of a nasty bug.

 The first of many sleep hugs with your dad...he's a good man, he will always give you hugs.

Me, your mother, not too shabby...considering a bit of sleep deprivation, sore nipples and a sore tail was a drug free Vbac, you know!!
Here is your brother, he's very loving and will be your biggest protector and friend!
Mind you if you eat his Lego, there could be trouble?

 Us, your loving parents! 
I imagine this is what you see as we gaze at you in your cot!
We have been together for 14 years, not a bad effort?
We love each other..... and we love you and your brother.
That will do.

This is you.
I wonder who you are, what you'll be and how you got here? I know how you got here, birds and bee's and all that!....but after so long hoping, one day you'll come and then you did!

Me again! Soon to be 39....then 40! cough, splutter!
Who and I?
Very happy....the rest will figure itself out.

You two are our babies, your doing tummy time on your brother, later on you can call it 'stacks on'!


Friday, 29 August 2014

Blog Anniversary- Third!

This time three years ago, I made this and began this blog and my journey as Ouch Flower!
It has been the best decision creatively and socially! 
Many of you have become dear friends and though we haven't met, the hug I'd give you, if we did, would be just as big!

This year, I made this!

Our beautiful Elin Mary Victoria Taylor.
 Elin means 'Light', it has roots in Scandinavia and Wales.
 It is pronounced E-lin(the Norwegian way, thanks Aunty Tove)

Her middle names of Mary for her maternal Great Grandmother and Victoria for my Aunty and Godmother Cheryl.

Born 22nd of August 2014.
At 1913 hrs, weight 2.690 kg (5 lbs, 15oz), length 50 cm.

VBAC, Natural birth.

I did have help with this one! ;)