Friday, 10 October 2014

7 weeks

Where did the time go? cliche but where? 
Your three weeks here, small, beautiful and cheeky! We had just taken you home again from hospital, yes again! A week stint in the special care nursery because of a nasty bug.

 The first of many sleep hugs with your dad...he's a good man, he will always give you hugs.

Me, your mother, not too shabby...considering a bit of sleep deprivation, sore nipples and a sore tail was a drug free Vbac, you know!!
Here is your brother, he's very loving and will be your biggest protector and friend!
Mind you if you eat his Lego, there could be trouble?

 Us, your loving parents! 
I imagine this is what you see as we gaze at you in your cot!
We have been together for 14 years, not a bad effort?
We love each other..... and we love you and your brother.
That will do.

This is you.
I wonder who you are, what you'll be and how you got here? I know how you got here, birds and bee's and all that!....but after so long hoping, one day you'll come and then you did!

Me again! Soon to be 39....then 40! cough, splutter!
Who and I?
Very happy....the rest will figure itself out.

You two are our babies, your doing tummy time on your brother, later on you can call it 'stacks on'!


Friday, 29 August 2014

Blog Anniversary- Third!

This time three years ago, I made this and began this blog and my journey as Ouch Flower!
It has been the best decision creatively and socially! 
Many of you have become dear friends and though we haven't met, the hug I'd give you, if we did, would be just as big!

This year, I made this!

Our beautiful Elin Mary Victoria Taylor.
 Elin means 'Light', it has roots in Scandinavia and Wales.
 It is pronounced E-lin(the Norwegian way, thanks Aunty Tove)

Her middle names of Mary for her maternal Great Grandmother and Victoria for my Aunty and Godmother Cheryl.

Born 22nd of August 2014.
At 1913 hrs, weight 2.690 kg (5 lbs, 15oz), length 50 cm.

VBAC, Natural birth.

I did have help with this one! ;)


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Creativity at the Eleventh hour!

 Imagine that? ....a burst of creativity at the eleventh hour #39 weeks!
As some of you may know, I have really struggled to create throughout this pregnancy, maybe our #loveheart has been absorbing all my creativity, leaving me with nothing left?

Well alone came this book
Which I originally bought for my very artistic Niece...but now I will have to buy another!
It has opened up my mind, freed me from selfdoubt and allowed me the gentle time of soothing drawing.

 It's very easy to use, open up the book, look at the flower designs and draw! therapeutic!

I had been wanting to create a special work for the nursery and the idea of illustrating #lovehearts name in floral letters has come to mind.
I have finished one letter, the letter 'i'.
I have used water colour, gouache, copic markers and fineliner.
I'm deliberating as to whether I should add some gold too?

 Now to whether I get this finished in time????

Pippa x

 Note the cactus and sunflower? :)

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Nursery Update!

Just thought I'd do a little nursery update!
The winter light is not great but you get the idea?
It wouldn't be a nursery without some Ouch Flower tassels?
I really do love these gold macrame knot ones, they are rich and substantial.
I still have pictures to frame and such but my pace is slow....I'd forgotten how mammoth like you become at #38 weeks. 
I feel like Mr. Snuffleupagus off Sesame Street but blissful at the same time?

 I will be back with more soon and a list of where I got my goodies from etc....

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Form, Function and Craftmanship.

If I'm to get back to blogging I think I need something to bang on about and of late it has been this!

Form, Function and Craftsmanship!

It's certainly is something I'm passionate about as I see more things about that maybe lack these three things.... but I must express that this is just my humble opinion!

I won't be highlighting what I don't think fits this criteria but I will highlight what does!
This will have a new blog look but that will take some thinking too.

So why the pottery?
Well?... made by a duo called Kat&Rogar.
He wheel throws the pottery, she hand paints!

They appeal to my retro sensibilities and are so well thrown and painted! 
They look great paired with my West Germans and I am pleased I splurged. 
I think they may be a modern collectable?
Yes I would like more!!!
Have a look at their website, I defy you not to want this on your xmas list????

 I'm desperately rushing around (waddling slowly) to do a few things for myself in between doc appointments etc
Why is pregnancy not relaxing....give me a dark cave and no medical intervention please?

Anyway so off I popped to the Mid Century Modern exhibition at the NGV Melbourne

Ahh my dreamy place full of #Form, Function and Craftsmanship!

 One day I will own a Featherston!

 You'll be forgiven in thinking that this is another pic of the exhibition but no my humble home with a new addition, no not loveheart yet but a chair....nearly as nice!!!

After years of searching I have finally found a friend for Lady armchair featuring the same sweeping arms and sexy legs!
 Confirmed the maker as a Danish Deluxe too....YAY!

Danish Deluxe was founded in Melbourne in the 1950s and is responsible for designing and manufacturing high-end Danish styled furniture.
The company was formed by Neville Askanasy, John Westacott and Borg Gjorstvang (2 Danes & an Aussie). Their strong in-house designs and quality craftsmanship also enabled them to gain licenses to manufacture the work of legend designers like Hans Wegner & Niels Moller.
As well as manufacturing furniture for domestic consumption, both in Australia and overseas, Danish DeLuxe also manufactured chairs for the Australian Pavilion at EXPO 67 in Montreal, the Australian Academy of Science building in Canberra, and the Sydney Opera House.

I want to wrap her in Marimekko because her upholstery though nice is an insipid sage green, totally inoffensive but gag boring!

 The collab is at the Finders Keepers Market this weekend, I hope they are received well!

 I hope you'll enjoy this new focus, thanks for popping by!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

A bit of thrift!

Hello 70's latch hook from ebay!
Come to my home and hang out on the blue wall!
Even Mr Ouch said you were a bit of alright!

I love lidded forms and I really enjoyed making them back in the day too.
This little piece is Scandinavian I'm told?
Terracotta, glazed white with a tin oxide brush work? 
Very sweet and very well made.
I can't recognise the makers mark, let me know if you can?

My Toy collection is growing!
Got a thing for Vikings! CHARGE!!!!
They make me smile :)

Got a thing for modernist jewellery at the moment and have amassed a collection, which I hope to post about soon. Very easy to sneak in the house ;)

The necklace in the centre is new, it looks like a Pentti Sarpaneva but it doesn't have the same link to the necklace as my others have but hey I loved it and figured it needed a home!

I'm on maternity countdown #35weeks, come on loveheart lets meet??

Pippa x 


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Zillpa + Ouch Flower Craft Collaboration- LAUNCH DAY!

Well we did it! ...and here they are!
Tasseled baskets and bowls! or 3d weaving?

You'll find these beauties on Clare's Stall, at this months 

They are limited edition, they are original, they are form and function in perfect harmony!

My uni lecturers banged on about that all the time!  

They are Craft, they are Art, they function, they feel good!
I'm proud!

Huge thanks to Clare for agreeing to collab with me!


 Thanks for popping by!

Please respect my artists rights and not copy.
 If you use these images, link with love!