Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Seed Bead Collection 2016

Art Deco


Dusty Tones
This collection of Woven Rope necklaces will soon be in the shop.

My focus here was to work within three distinct colourways and play with the design elements and principles.
I use colour to highlight and accentuate shape and proportion.
I play with colour by bringing forth selected colours whilst receding others, within the crescent shape of the neck pieces.
It is this interplay that keeps me intrigued and passionate about making these art pieces.
I often say to myself...What more can I do? Where can I push the design? What are the new possibilities?

The Seed beads add another textural element to the work and a touch of glamour too!

Each piece is unique, I have no interest in making mass production, so most designs are unlikely to be made again. 
I want my work to evolve and roll out organically as I collect inspiration from many sources....but still be distinctly my own.

Next is to add the porcelain element!

x Philippa

1 comment:

  1. Hello Philippa!
    Where's Pippa?
    I had a sneaky little look on instagram yesterday and saw your beautiful indigo and white porcelain baubles/pendants/beads? Just wanted to let you know that I think they're really lovely.
    I'd like to see a snap or two of someone wearing one of your woven pieces one day just to gauge size, they way they hang etc (hint)
    You're sounding very serious and passionate about your art - is that why you're called Philippa now? ;)
    It must be so hard/frustrating for creatives like you these days - as soon as you release something original, clever, beautiful and interesting you've pored your heart and soul into - it's for sale in k-mart! (well not exactly, but you know what I mean)
    Sorry for rambling but we never get to chat these days...
    Love your work and you x


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