Sunday, 29 July 2012

:: I collect handmade jewellery

 I love jewellery!
My mum bought me my first ever ring from a street market in Melbourne, it is silver with a black onyx, very cool for a teenager.
There begun my love for handmade jewellery and I have amassed many great pieces over the years. My mum continues to add to my collection and now I also add to hers, it is something that we share. 
I blame my maternal grandmother, she was a jewellery collector too!
There was a time, when I was interested in only silver and semi precious stones and wouldn't touch anything else but I'm less picky and open to new things! 

(When I was 18 I knew everything, now I know nothing and learn along the way)

So I have started what a call the craft jewellery collection, that I wear everyday! (depending on outfit)
I'm an Art teacher, we are meant to inspire and lead the way!
Wizzer and Whyte
 Beaded jewellery made from semi Precious stones, really weighty and lovely to wear!
Emily Green
 Polymer clay beads, gorgeous colours on silver necklaces.
Jen Booth
 Stitched leather locket to hide your secrets in, sooo cute.
 Handmade, hand painted porcelain jewellery- my favourite!

And this is why!
Their work is so close to my own pottery aesthetic that I openly adore their work and secretly wish I had of thought of it.

My Hand carved porcelain lidded form and their pressed pattern work, we are twins!
My work is circa 2007, completed months before my son was born, missed that bandwagon!

If you are due to start another collection? 
I highly recommend the craft jewellery collection, artworks as adornments!

:Pippa x


  1. I haven't started making beads yet, but I just recently started working with polymer clay, and I'm having a ball. A few years ago I was really into precious metal clay, but it's so expensive!

    Your lidded piece is so beautiful. You're a serious artist. I just play around.

  2. Beautiful collection, Pippa - I'm a big fan of the Golden Ink Jewellery too :) Your lidded piece is just gorgeous. Kx

  3. You sound like me....I've had a thing for jewelery since I was a little girl & thankfully I have kept a lot from my childhood. Although the ongoing joke is that I need to join accessories anonymous! Love your crafty collection. Xx

  4. That (gorgeous) jewellery looks like a tax deduction to me Pippa. It's part of your uniform after all. Isn't it?
    I hovered over some of those Emily Green beads a few weeks ago, still wishing I bought them.
    Have a great week x

  5. Dana your a serious Design guru, I'm just playing around! We balance each other out but really that was a lovely thing to say, thanks x
    Hi Kylie H, of course you like Goldenink, I knew you have good taste!
    So VGB, I would love to see your collection!
    Hey Kylie, no need to hover I bought mine online, they are spesh! I going to look into assessories as a tax deduction, I think you might be on to something!

    Also Dana do share your polymer clay adventures!

  6. Pippa,
    I love the Emily Green beads, and checked out her etsy store, and then later this afternoon (as you saw) I stumbled across some in a boutique. I'll but from her etsy store I think ... straight from the horse's mouth, as it were. I think they might make a nice present for my 10-yr-old for her birthday... though she didn't seem that taken with them. One day she might appreciate having a collection of jewels ... Love all your posts.

  7. I'm fascinated by what people collect. This is very cool...and I had no idea you were an art teacher! xx

  8. I love all of those. Especially the pretty one that looks like precious fruit loops! Thankvyou for your tip about adding an email button to my blog, problem is I don't know how. Don't be fooled by my photoshop technique - in other ways I am very tech un savvy!
    Mia x

  9. I love each of those pieces- adorable! Your blog is so cute. I must follow and come back for more :)

  10. Great post!! very informative.
    Thank you very much for such a lovely and informative post.
    Navratna Mala


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