Saturday, 4 August 2012

:: A Beautiful Confession.

I won't use the excuse that I have been too busy to blog, cause really who isn't? 
I felt I had nothing to say, no polished display of photo's or witty comments or exciting new developments!
So I'm coming clean, fessing up!

I like to make beautiful things, 
this embroidery is called "OH Dear".
I love it, it took countless hours and it hangs above my bed.

I  like to collect beautiful things, meet Homemaker bowl and new friend to Homemaker plate!
One day I will use them and savor it but for now they adorn my walls.

 I love to receive unexpected beautiful gifts, you know who you are you lovely, lovely, lovely!

  I like my blog to look beautiful, I aspire to make beautiful things.......But confession time, 
The reality is.....
I have at least 10 unfinished, in progress, projects either scattered around my house, on my mac or some still in my mind. 

I'm not complaining but I don't know where this influx of ideas has come from and my brain feels like an exploded filing cabinet!

I keep a sketchbook to assist me but I'm always running to catch up with 'idea-self'.....I can't make quick enough and I'm easily sidetracked and distracted by beautiful things.

I need a beautiful assistant?

I have set the end of the month as my target....I hope I make a beautiful mess of it!

 And this is the real creative me, my desk/studio, where it all happens!
I dare anyone to pinterest this image on studio spaces they wish to own!
It's messy, disordered and slap dash and not beautiful!
Out of this, comes my work.

Thanks for hearing me out, (sigh) so now you know!
It's not all beautiful, just beautiful intentions.



  1. I love your studio! Can't wait to see all your beautiful ideas come to life over the coming months. Love your embroidery and the lovely gifts you have received.xx

  2. Your embroided piece is beautiful Pippa. I clicked on a bigger image to see it in more detail and it's just stunning. Who cares if your studio isn't perfect* when work like that comes out of it!

    *I think it's a very nice studio myself.
    Just having a studio sounds so fancy-schmancy and grown up to me!

  3. I love your embroidered art ... I love to embroider as well .. it's so relaxing ... your studio space is great ... I am a little envious as I don't have one yet ... just piles of WIPs in bags all over the house ... so that's another thing for my to do list :) Bee x

  4. Your embroidery is absolutely stunning! I also like things to looks beautiful but most of the time everything just looks messy :-)

  5. It's all lovely, what I wouldn't give to have a space of my own - even if just to write in. Your embroidery and macramé are beautiful, you're very talented. (I'm a bit envious of your business cards too)

  6. That looks like a studio where some real work could get done! And your work is so beautiful! Speaking of unexpected gifts, how would you like your very own collection of Dansk candleholders? You won, you know. :)

  7. Yes please Dana, thanks so much! I have emailed you! xx

    Thanks all for your lovely comments, I recommend embroidery to anyone, a very peaceful past time! :)

  8. But that's how it is for all of us, Pippa! I have a million unfinished projects, a space that looks like a bomb has hit it and all of that :) Truth be told, I've stopped visiting a lot of 'perfect' blogs lately because they are just too sanitised and don't feel real to me anymore. I'm blogging very infrequently, only when I have something to show (so very infrequently!) and that's just the way it is. I'm trying to keep focussed on why I'm doing this. I'm not aiming to be a thousand-follower blog that requires feeding daily with the focus on servicing the consumption of others... I'm trying to build on my work and improve and learn new things. The blog is just a record of that, and if others like it and want to follow that's fine but it's not my focus. Your embroidery is just super fabulous - I love it! Thanks for sharing your other pieces too. They are all wonderful :) Kx

  9. Gee Kylie, thanks I needed to hear that, very well said! I follow you cause I love your prints and design aesthetic, I feel we are on the same page. I will, like you continue with what I do, share and build the blog based on that! Beautiful! ;)

  10. Your embroidery is beautiful...very talented x

  11. I LOVE your honesty. That you put your studio photo unedited up is why I like you. Plus am sooooooo jealous of your embroidery skills. Wondrous. Do you mind if I put photo up of your embroidery on my blog and say I did it? Er...just joking...

  12. Wow, your embroidery is breathtaking! Love the macrame as well, really make me want to learn!


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