Thursday, 19 July 2012

:: Bespoke Love

I was sent a very sweet email introducing me to this lovely Magazine. 
I was asked if I'd like to read an issue.....which I have.

I liked it so much that I have become a subscriber for these reasons.

*I have a magazine addiction!
*It's Australian and I love supporting our own!
*It's full of crafty goodness and lovely illustrations to boot!
*It is, what it is called, Bespoke, created by like minded folk for like minded folk!
*I think every issue will be an indulgence!
*Or as suggested enjoyed with a cuppa!

 Check out Bespoke here!

Thanks to Megan for popping by the blog and getting in contact, I'm pleased you came!

Three more sleeps till the grand announcement.....The winner of the




  1. Mmmmm looks good Pippa, even though I'm not a "creative" like you. That cheese cake looks interesting, and I love (adore actually!) cheesecake x

  2. What a fun little magazine! I saw lots of handmade items that I thought were adorable. And who knew there were coffee stencils? :)

  3. It looks gorgeous. I love mags too and even better that it's Australian :) Thanks for the intro Pippa. Kx

  4. I'm so pleased you like the Mag, Ladies! You can never have enough eye candy :)

  5. Looks great - Will def have to check it out : ) xx


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