Tuesday, 10 July 2012

:: A New Idea

We made it, post 100!
Look how technologically advanced you are compared to post number one in August 2011.

I'm sure you have noticed a few changes around here, I have turned into a photoshop machine, seeking ideas and how too's like a mad woman! 
I think I have settled on my look now but...... I'm fickle and love change!
A great site for inspiration I have found is Pugly Pixel, with many great ideas and freebies!

 This is the latest idea I have been working on!

A bit of Scandi meets macrame cool I think? 
I'm not entirely sure what I will do from here but it was a nice challenge and change from the hangers.

Thanks to the loveliest Kylie for the inspiration, in the form of this lovely seventies pattern, nice and hairy scary!

Any thoughts?



  1. Congratulations on Number 100!! It really takes a lot of commitment to stick with blogging, and your posts are consistently delightful. Love the new design. Very cool.

  2. I LOVE it Pippa. It's bloomin awesome and that's no lie. I think these would be hugely popular among all the cool kids out there. You have definetely got to make more. I reckon they would sell like hot cakes - I would soooo buy one. Husband likes it too (for the record) and that's saying something!
    So chuffed you tried it out.

    p.s. congrats on 100 posts, you know I love your work x

  3. I think the look of your blog suggests someone who has been blogging for waaaaaay longer than 100 posts. Bit jealous actually.
    Re Macrame have you seen Dark Shadows movie? Has awesome macrame visual gag. very memorable. I had to spend a while explaining to my partner afterwards what macrame is and why the joke was so funny...
    Love the combining with scandi influence :)

  4. Happy 100! And I love the new idea! Uber cool.x

  5. Thanks ladies!
    I'm pleased Dana you like the look, a bit of Eames font does wonders!

    Very sweet Kylie, I think this could be the next venture, once I have sorted out the design entirely! Big thanks to the husband!

    Hi Mia, thanks for commenting, I have been busy with the decorating, it's really not hard, give it a go! :)

  6. I love your redesign Pippa,
    I am also loving the macrame plant hanger and the gorgeous stand......very much!
    Tania xx

  7. Well done, it looks great! And congrats on your 100th post :-)

  8. Looks great Pippa - I actually like the taller ones best.

    Congrats on 100 posts, so many give up before this, so it is a great achievement!

  9. Thanks for commenting Tania, Col and Planning Queen!


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