Thursday, 12 July 2012

:: An Ouch Flower Design.

If an ouchflower was a real flower I think it would look like this!
A while back I did a course on screen printing at Harvest Workroom in Brunswick, if your a Melbournite then this is a place for you to learn new things!

I created this tea towel design on the spot, occasionally not all idea's must be developed, sometimes they just are? 

Don't tell any of my students I said that, their months of developmental work would be undermined totally!

So as you know I have been very busy polishing up my Photoshop skills and I had been wanting to take my original tea towel design and create a digital illustration of it Ta Da!

Believe me when I say that it has taken months and many attempts to try to do this......most attempts ending in explicit language and glasses of wine.

Then yesterday the penny dropped, the layers I created worked and this was done in a couple of hours, like magic!

This means that yet again I will be changing the look of the blog to incorporate this image in!
YEAH more Photoshop!      (I'm addicted)


I'm sharing over here today @ My Creative Space!


  1. Ohhh your ouchflower design is so pretty!

  2. Can I just say dear Pippa, I think you need to get busy stocking that little ouchflower shop of yours...I reckon you'd get lots of customers (just sayin)

  3. totally gorgeous! i particularly love the`sunburst bit towards the middle. the mix of colours is lovely x

  4. Oh it is soooo beautiful! I'm going through a yellow stage and I just love love love that!

  5. That is a great design. You are very clever - inspiring stuff!

  6. Huge thanks and Smiles to you lovely ladies for popping by and Kylie I think your right and I'm on it too.....really :)

  7. Love it! My word! You are the Photoshop guru. I really love this new design. Such pretty colours.x

  8. Such a gorgeous design! I love the multi-color one and can't wait to see how you use it on the blog, but I love the yellow one equally. It is so amazingly bright and cheery.

  9. I really like both designs! The colours are gorgeous in the second one, but it works well in just simple yellow too. Just discovered your blog and I really like it :)
    There is a possibility of me moving from London to Melbourne in the future, and as a textile design student I am trying to teach myself all about designers and design in Melbourne so that I'm not clueless when I arrive!

  10. Welcome Polly and thanks for commenting!

  11. I just came by your site for the first time and I had to leave a comment to say how much I love this print... it would be completely perfect in my home... and I'm certain others would feel the same way!

    Pleasure *meeting* your blog!
    Catherine @ The Spring (in Sydney)

  12. This is amazing.
    You are obviously very creative.
    I just love your macrame too......
    Tania xx

  13. Loving your creativity! About Photoshop...are you using it with a Mac, and are you self-taught? My husband mentioned that PS can be costly to buy for home use; did you find this to be the case?

  14. Hi Aussiebushgirl I do work on a Mac at home, but PC at work! PS is expensive! I'm self taught, you learn something new every time you use it!
    Thanks for popping by :)


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