Monday, 9 July 2012

:: 8 Little West Germans!

Orange with a speckled brown glaze & black retro line eclipse motif.
Bands of black& white with red, black line decoration.
Grey mottled glaze with red, black line decoration.
Soft pink & red glaze with black line decoration.
Orange and yellow mottled glaze with black flecks.

I am now the happy owner of all these lovely West German's!

I was contacted by the previous owner due to a previous West German post and she asked if i would like some more?............the rest is history!

But what to do? 
Can you have too many? 
I'm not sure I can find the room?

but they are sooo lovely :)

Tell me which is your favourite?



  1. Oh, I love them all. I'd do a whole wall of them.

  2. Thanks Dana, I'm thinking of a rainbow wall? :)

  3. If finding a spot for them is a problem Pippa, feel free to send a few my way. I'm always willing to help a friend in need! Ha!
    Seriously Pippa, they're lovely x

  4. OH MY GAHD! Wish someone would write to me and offer me some (more)! I love the zig-zag Scheurich!

  5. Thanks Kylie, I will see what I can do!

    Welcome Dany, the zigzag scheurich ones are special! :)

  6. I love the first two. They're my favourite.

    Is it right to feel nauseous with envy? Nauseous?!

    No, they couldn't have found a better mother!

  7. Oh dear MMMC! I can't have you feeling this way, I promise not to instagram these pots anymore! ;)

  8. What a great collection! The ones in the second pic are my faves.xx

  9. You're a lucky lady! I would have these on my mantle any day. Congratulations. A x


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