Thursday, 11 July 2013

Winter sun, a vertical garden, Dulux and India calling!

A while back Mr Ouch and I made this....

I wanted a wall of cascading green, I think we are getting pretty close and if winter is not putting a dampener on growth, then this summer, this vertical garden is going to be a cracker!

I highly recommend you get yourself some guttering and go nuts!

...happy planting makes me happy, school holidays makes me happy, making stuff makes me happy,
hanging with my family and friends makes me happy....

but changing my pink wall in the lounge room to a deep royal blue, like the one from the Dulux campaign makes me very happy....some style shots to come!

For now I leave you with this!

......if India wrote to you and said 'hey we can make your tassels for you at a small cost'?
...would you????

Tassel maker or not?


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  2. Hmmm...but there are some great fair trade organisations where money is raised to build schools or give village women a decent wage etc... xx

  3. Wow ... what are you going to do? I like the idea of the 'global village', and providing opportunity at such a grass roots level. The tassles are your design - is more important for you to own the design or the making??? I'm such a control freak and can't imagine handing my babies over. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  4. I would plan a trip to india (if at all possible) to check out that it is a fair trade set up and to see what good could come out of it (also to collect a squezillion project and sketch book ideas for my new work that of course you can do now tassels are being made elsewhere!) i would then spend my cleared time making those sexy funky wall hangings with matching tassels (see so you dont have to give that up) like textile families with stories!!! i would also approach galleries and get a show booked as a deadline! I am going squiddy with excitement just thinking about it! xxxxx that hanging garden is friggin fabularse darling! xxxx

  5. oooh that's a hard one...certainly no harm in checking out all avenues. but just so you know...when I finally decide on the colour I want it has to have made by pippa on it!!. I love your wall garden...but is that yellow gutter level??. glad your enjoying your hols...we are too!.
    Al xx
    ps...that gutter is level...hehe but it made you look didn't it!! x

  6. Love this idea! I'm in favour of a strong wall colour too, it's amazing how colours can affect the mood! :) x

  7. yeah gotta add that i would only buy a tassel made by you! it's you making them that makes it art! x

  8. I think that if a family can make a living making your tassels that's great but I don't have all the facts. I'm all for fair trade products though. I'm glad they have asked you though, hopefully that shows design integrity??? Good luck. Whatever you decide is fine by me. PS. I've been meaning to email you back but school holidays are flogging me!!!
    Tania xx

  9. If the organization in India proves legitimate and you're legally covered, this might provide you an opportunity to sell a less expensive mass-produced version while still retaining the right to handmake your own and sell them at a much higher price. Whatever you decide, it's still flattering that you're gaining such a name for yourself.

    I love your gutter garden!

  10. The aqua coloured gutter really enhances the grey/greens of the succulents...beautifully! Indian tassels..I don't know..I think they already make mass produced tassels that are available in curtain shops..I really like the idea of a handmade, homemade article. I hope you work it out so you are at peace yourself though Pippa...'cos it's really up to you. All the best.

  11. Gawd blimey! India is on the phone!! Exciting.
    But, I have since read your new post and totally get it. You know your product and what is best for your business.
    Catch ya soon. x

  12. Great gutter garden. Good gawds that's grand.

  13. Love the gutter garden. Not sure we'll get it happening here; considering we still haven't got all of our full rain guttering up.. eeepp!!

    Hmm - the India email. I'm not sure if yours was a spam or not, but I'm always so surprised how they find you and be so specific in what you're looking for/doing/making. It's a bit scary how everything relates back to someone finding you. (I recently bought a new domain name, and then a week later had a phone call from someone asking if I needed my website built - ha! how did they get my number??).
    Also, if not spam... we've been having the talks about handcrafted. And the integrity of something being handcrafted by you, rather than other people or a machine. There's something wonderful about knowing you're making it - though the extra money (on having cheaper cost items to sell on) and free time is a nice idea sometimes...

    {ramble over}


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