Saturday, 13 October 2012

:: Me Ole....China

Post graduate 1998
Some of you know that I'm a potter by trade, my teenage rebellion after high school was to throw mud, whereas the other private school girls had higher ambitions at Melb uni and the like!
 Not was art school! 
Much to the torment of Parents and Brother!

This is me in my final post graduate year, with all my clay babies!

Pottery in Australia Magazine-winter 1997 graduate
 In my graduating year I was published and received a highly commended for my work at the 'Walker Ceramic Awards' in 1997.

Hand carved porcelain ware- Celadon glaze
Photo of my Graduate work
 All my pieces at that exhibition were sold and I still wonder where they went?

 Early on in my course I fell in love with carving clay, below is my first example, completed in 1st year. Next to it is a work by reknown potter Elaine Coleman, she kindly carved one of my own pots as a thankyou, for assisting her when she came to our art school, for an artist in residence!

First carved work with an example of Elaine Coleman's expertise.

Elaine Coleman

 Her work still leaves me gasping!

 So fast forward to 2008, heavily pregnant and I quickly made my last ceramic pieces!

Poor bird teapot :(
 If you know anything about clay, then know this, she is a cruel mistress! 
After countless hours throwing the teapot, modelling and carving the bird's, too only break in the last firing, rendering the teapot useless! 
She now lives in the garden....still breaks my heart to see her :(

My pottery career to date!

 Today, as you know I have increasing love for retro ceramics and a growing collection, meet my latest, $10 thankyou very much!

Bitossi ash tray

 With no need to work in clay because macrame has taken over my life!I thought I had not missed it but ........not anymore, this morning I went to the clay shop and reacquainted myself with anything and everything there!

 I hope to begin making again and soon but this time my work will be about me now, it will include my love of drawing, embroidery, macrame and retro ceramics as well!
So watch this space, I'm back with the MUD!

Lion tile I made with my students...ROAR!

ps  Look back to the photo, beside one of my knees is an orb pot. (round vase) 
She rolled around the boot of my car for weeks..till our Post-Grad exhibition. 
She was bought by Dame Elizabeth Murdoch.....mmmm yes! 


  1. Hi Pippa,
    I can't believe how clever you so many different mediums too ;O)
    I have a new link party on Saturdays if you want to join in......
    Tania xx
    PS. I think that's awesome that Lady Elizabeth Murdoch has one of your pieces.

  2. You are so amazingly talented in so many areas. I can't wait to see what you start doing in clay.

  3. I always knew you were a SUPERSTAR Pippa!!!
    Oh, how much I love your pottery! I am so glad you are going to get your hands dirty again. If stuff like that ends up in your shop, I am going to be one happy customer!
    I love, love, LOVE those carved pieces. The colours. Sigh. And that celadon porcelain piece! Well that gets its own exclamation mark!
    String, thread, mud, is there anything you can't create beauty from?
    AND you are LOVELY too!

    p.s. so glad you wrote this post, because I think you would've been a bit shy about it...and you shouldn't be, okay.

  4. OH Pippa, Love your pottery pieces.....a skill like that can't go unused, good to see you will get back into it. That - combined with your love and knowledge of vintage ceramics Im sure will result in some very special and unique work...look forward to seeing it. Ray.

  5. What beautiful pottery ... you are a very talented lady ... can't wait to see what you do in the future with clay ... Bee xx

  6. Wow! Pippa, you've left me gasping here! Such beautiful work. How wonderful to have this talent and know that it's always there for you. Very excited that you're planning to get back with the mud again :) Can't wait to see your new creations too. Kx

  7. You should go back to your first love, beautiful creations there- I look forward to seeing more! Ada :)

  8. Gorgeous pieces. So clever. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your newly reignited passion. x

  9. I'm so honoured by your comments of support, thanks for letting me share my past craft adventures with you. I will start off easy and hand build some hanging planters, then I will muster some courage and approach the wheel! I'm going to be rusty and the air will be thick with colourful phases!
    Yes Kylie you'll hear them all the way over in Perth!
    Your all Ace, go make yourself a nice cuppa! Xx

  10. You are so talented, you just don't know. I wish you lived closer, or I lived closer to you, because I'd love someone with your passion and talent to take my eldest girl under her wing and show her how to be a potter. What a beautiful way to spend one's life by creating gorgeous pieces of usefulness from clay. I really admire you and your ability. I'm so glad I read your blog. You're a super star in my books.xo

  11. Beautiful pottery Pippa! Just found your blog and it's lovely! Added my name to your list so I will now be up to date on your posts. - Francine


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