Tuesday, 9 October 2012

:: Blog-Design-Dedication #2

This macrame hanger is inspired by the infectious blog, created by Tania Maree from Scandi Coast Home!

She has a very attuned eye for all things Scandi and Coast, her interior shots of her home and herself are immaculate.
She's a relaxed and witty Lass too, she'd be the last person to expect this but hey!

One visit to her lovely part of the world and she'll have you spotting anything seafoam, from a mile off!

Hand dyed turquoise twine with the natural twine gives the coastal look! 
I have left the twine around the circle, with a bit of a fringe, for a little bit of Boho.
Which I'm sure Tania Maree would approve.
The small white felt balls break up the vivid colour, for a small bit of Scandi.

My green and blue art glass vase are amongst Tania's favourite colours, as well as a shell for effect!

Tania Maree, I dedicate this post to you because your blog has me seeing Scandi Coast, where ever I go!



  1. What a gorgeous shade of turquoise! This series of posts not only showcases your talent, but it also demonstrates what a lovely and thoughtful person you are.

  2. Hi Pippa,
    I don't think anyone has ever done anything quite so lovely for me before......this really caught my eye which made me crack up laughing when I realised you had literally nailed my style......I fell for it ;O) You really do have a knack for pinpointing people's style. I particularly love the loose threads to give the boho style. You're a legend!!!
    Tania xxxxxxxxx x

  3. The turquoise is amazing and beautifully hand dyed. Have added Scandi Coastal to my reading list - love it and love your art glass vase as well! :-) Tina

  4. Thanks Dana, your very kind :)

    I wish I was there in the room, when you started to read, Tania Maree!
    It would of been priceless! I'm so pleased your thrilled! :)

    Hello again VM, your going to love every blog from this series, they are a nice bunch of Ladies and Gents! :)

  5. This is so gorgeous Pippa! Your macramé is sublime! I wish I knew how to macramé………another skill to add to the "Learn List"!

  6. Thanks for popping by Nikki!

  7. Brings so many memories of being in an all girls catholic high school making macrae pot holders. Just lovely! Giulia.x

  8. Lovely! Just like the blog and muse for this blog dedication - Tania Maree at Scandi Coast Home. Awesome colour. xx

  9. Just like the sea Pippa, perfect in a Scandi home on the coast (or any home for that matter!)

  10. So beautiful ... you are so thoughtful and obviously in tune with what others love ... the blue is amazing ... Bee xx

  11. I was hoping you'd put this on here.
    I thanked you on Facebook because this really made my week ;O)
    Happy Sunday arvo!!!
    Tania xx

  12. Tania is very talented like that!!! Such a gorgeous colour too, did you dye it? I am very partial to macrame & twine, such a lovely job. Nice to meet you
    Rach x

  13. Hi Rach, thanks for popping by, yes I dye my own twine, it's the fun bit! Nice to meet you too :)


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