Sunday, 14 October 2012

:: Make a Softie!

My boy's homemade softie collection

if you visit Pips blog 'Meet me at Mikes' then you'll know it's Softies for Mirabel time!
It's a very worthy cause, a softie for a great kid in need!

All you have to do is visit her blog, pop in your link to sign up, check out the other signer upperers!

Get busy making and send your softie to her by the 20th of DEC 2012.

 We can do this!



  1. Your son's are adorable...and making them for kids in need is such a worthwhile cause.

  2. what a good cause! and yours are adorable!

  3. Tell me how to make an easy one and I'm in!

  4. Great idea ... so good to give to a child in need ... Bee xx

  5. It is a good cause. My sewing skills have fallen away. Time to call my Mummy. :)

  6. Feel free to join in ladies, I can help with patterns if your stuck! :)

  7. Great cause indeed. I can't sew a stitch, but I'll pay you to make me one Pippa?!!x


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