Tuesday, 16 October 2012

:: New Macrame

 Meet Grand Lady Blue!

She has been made from 120 m of twine with over a 2m drop. 
I have just used the square knot.
I had hoped the simplicity of the knot regularly placed and the joy of symmetry, would be enough? 
She was the result!

I have kept the styling simple...because really she doesn't need any help on the design front, she is bold, delicate, strong but classical.
It was a technical feat for me, to keep the knots consistent, with no twine breaks and she's a big girl!

 She will be in the shop soon........but I think I will enjoy her for a bit :)

Big thanks to my 70's Macrame Magazine Benefactor, you know who you are xx



  1. I love her! Yes, the simplicity is just perfect. It's a breathtaking piece Pippa :) Kx

  2. She's stunning Pippa. Your macrame just keeps getting better and better. Gosh those squares look gorgeous with the light shining through them. And the colour? LOVE it!
    (don't mind that comfy looking chair you've hung her next to either btw. Veeee-ry nice indeed!)

  3. That's a really lovely piece. I love the squares. So elegant!

  4. Hi Ladies I'm pleased you like her and thanks Kylie, it's a beauty! It was the original man chair for Mr Ouch but he prefers the high back of the Fler! It's Danish, I have been too they use reindeer for their leather! ...shhhh don't tell Santa ;)

  5. GORGEOUS!! I love the design, colour and detail. A truly beautiful macrame piece. xx

  6. What a beautiful piece in a beautiful colour ... so gorgeous ... Bee xx

  7. What an imagination, the beautiful piece of work you have done. What it 'll at night, when we place a light inside there...


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