Wednesday, 17 October 2012

:: Tassels

 With all this macrame making, I do end up with alot of twine in odd lengths and the like!
I can't throw anything out, there is always a use, so I turned to Tassel making!

A highly underrated task and I highly recommend it!
The white one which I dipped in blue dye for the ombre effect was the left overs from 'The Kylie' and the blue one from my recent 'Grand Lady'!

I think these are the ticket! 
Would you hang a random tassel in and around your home?

Let me know cause I'm a wee bit excited but Mr Ouch thinks I'm mad!

Do you want a tassel making lesson?

very touchy feely



  1. I like the tassel! More tassel!

  2. I would definitely hang some of your tassles. I'm particularly taken with the 'ombre' effect. I can see all sorts of colours going on. Waste not, want not as it were.

    Tell Mr Ouch that 'mad' is where it's at!

  3. You are NOT mad Pippa......slightly crazy, but not mad!
    These are awesome. I predict that these and your other creations will end up in Inside Out mag or Real Living ;O) Seriously!!!
    Tania xx

  4. At one time, I was tassel crazy and had them hung on doorknobs and lamps and drawer pulls all over the house. This just might spark another round of tassel mania. They're beautiful!

  5. Alright ladies! Tassel it is! And Tania, I'm taking you with me! Xx

  6. Love the ombre effect on the white one! : )

  7. To be fair, i never said she was mad. I may have taken a deep breath and perhaps rolled an eye or two, but i would never have suggested that my lovely, creative, better half was mad...

    Mr Ouch

  8. You can get up to all sorts of fun stuff with tassels ( now I'm wondering if I should hit the publish button...or not...what the hell!

  9. They are FANTASTIC Pippa! Totally loving the ombre :) Kx

  10. Lovely Pippa ... definitely do the tassels .. loving the ombre one ... Bee xx

  11. Ombre tassels it is! :) thanks all, feeling energised! :)

  12. Tassle mania for sure. They seem quite handy!

  13. Hi Pippa. I would love a tassel making lesson please please. I've been thinking about trying it out with ribbon, but lack of bit of confidence. Jane x


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