Sunday, 21 October 2012

:: Blog-Design-Dedication #3

This Dream Catcher inspired Wall hanging was created with the blog The Brick House  in mind!

This blog, written by Morgan is a Mid Century lovers, dream home.

Each post is carefully curated and beautifully photographed to best showcase the thrift finds and adaptions to the styling, this home frequently undergoes.

I'm a keen fan of Morgan's work and respect the tenacity of their hunting instinct!

A simple star burst design using the natural twine, again the fringe is feature with a long tale.
Styled with my thrifted fav's, brown leather Danish arm chair, 
GPlan side table and some WG Pottery and a cactus. (Morgan likes plants too)

I have chosen a natural and simple colour palette, earthy tones, reminiscent of the Brick House.
The Rocket lamp?...ahh very special new acquisition, created by Tamara @ Retro Print Revival.
The fabric is vintage, nice Aussie motif of Banksias, those legs are amazing! 
I think the design and fabric could find a nice spot amongst the decor of the Brick House too.
Every now and then Morgan will showcase many amazing retro macrame and wall hangings! 
What is not to love?

Sharing over at Scandi Coast Home, linky party!


  1. Lovely! Will head on over to the brick house and check it out! : )

  2. PS. LOVE THE LAMP. Amazing!!

  3. Beautiful macrame and lovely vignette!

  4. Beautiful! Hey, have you ever done a mini macrame? I tried to do one out of twine for my cool doll house but it was a big fat fail prob. As i can't macrame, but i wonder if its possible on that scale?

  5. I know, I saw that Lamp Donna and I had to buy it!

    Making up the Vignette's Dana are so much fun, an added bonus with this blog post series! I'm pleased you like!

    Macrame on any scale is possible Max, let me know how small you mean and I'll give it a go for you! :)

  6. Seriously? Thats something i'd love to see! In dollhouse lingo were talking 1/12 scale, but since i've never really understood that i say the hoopy bit would be about the size of a medium coin. Hope your able to extrapolate from that?! VERY excited to see this!!!

  7. AmaZing as eVer!!!
    I love your lamp......
    I thought of you the other day when I found a beige and rust coloured West German Onion Vase!!! ;O)
    Tania xx

  8. Max, if I make for a thimble sized pot, will that work? :)

    Cheeky Tania, I hope you brought that pot home? Cause your killing me here, what a bargain! The cheapest I have picked one up for, has been $6.00! xx

  9. It's great, your posts really do transport me back to the 70s, but with a new century twist! Ada :)

  10. Love it! I'm also a big "brick house" fan.

  11. I've always loved Morgan's blog and dream of interiors like hers - I think your dedication is spot on Pippa. I love your lamp too. Very gorgeous, banksias and mustard shade too!
    Do you remember a little while ago I sent you a copy of instructions for teeny-tiny macrame hanger???Do you think you could copy them and send them to Max? It would be great and lovely if you could. Thanks Pippa x

  12. Anyone know how to get rid of spam? I'm getting loads of late! ;( grrr

    Once I get my hands in the pattern Kylie I will, studio is a mess and I fear for my life, my piles have piles but I will construct one also, you want mini, I will give you mini! :)

  13. As long as you don't have Piles, Pippa!!!

  14. Lovely pic Pippa,my parents had a lamp similar to yours back in the 70's.

  15. thimble sized would be spot on Pippa-awesome!!!

  16. Hi there Pippa,
    Just want to tell you I'm so impressed by your great work! I've recommended your shop and blog in an entry on my own blog, have a look here:
    Best regards from the other side of the planet,

  17. Ok, so I may be late, but when should I expect this amazing thing to arrive at my house? I have a spot all ready to go! Looks great.

    1. Gosh Morgan! Thanks for popping by and I'm so pleased you like your name sake! She's sold now but I look or forward to making more soon!

  18. Is there a link to a tutorial for this amazing dream catcher?! :D


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