Wednesday, 24 October 2012

:: Tassels....more!

 Meet the new Ouch Flower Tassel colours, they have been named appropriately I think?

Ouch Flower Indigo
Paravent Chartresue
Mid2Mod Black
Scandi Coast Turquiose
70's Chutzpah Gold
Hung Up On Retro Tangerine
Meet Me At Mikes Pink

 What do you think?
Soon to be in the shop!

 Big thanks to Mr Ouch for helping me fluff up the tassels like an 80's perm stylist! :)


  1. Great! Lovin' these tassels - and pumped with the Hung Up On Retro Tangerine! Check it out : )
    I think Mr Ouch may have missed his calling. x

  2. I'm so flattered by your naming a color Mid2Mod Black! You're absolutely top-notch!

    Your tassels are so cool. I just love them!

  3. Thanks Ted & Agnes!

    Glad your down with Tangerine, Donna!

    Black and White & Mid2Mod, design classics, Dana! How could I not! pleasure :)

  4. I love them all Pippa, especially the stripey effect, is that by plan or chance? It really adds another dimension. Lucky you've got a professional 'fluffer' on the premises!

  5. It's by lucky chance, fortunately! I like the stripes too! :)

  6. oh... My... GOD they are so great! You Ms Ouchie are amazing. Truly. Making something so wonderful with "leftovers" is the mark of a great designer. Congrats.

  7. Thanks Marjee, your very kind! :)

  8. your cleverness knows no bounds, these are really very lovely. i'm supposed to be steering clear of shops. your making it very hard for me! i read an article recently, either in an nz magazine or in bbc home and antiques about a lady in london who made bespoke tassels and other bits of trim for upholstery and the like. apparently there aren't many people doing it and it's super expensive. maybe they're money in macrame yet (but not mine, yet...) x

  9. I'll look into tassel making further! How about a mini tassel for a dolls house then? LOL!

  10. love these...your things are lovely so fresh and different :)
    Jane x x

  11. I thought I left a comment before ... someone slap me with a tassle!

    Keep that 70s Chutzpah one for me! I'll pay gold for it!

    Love them all! Laughed out loud!!

  12. They are all smoking hot FABulous Pippa! So flattered too that my favourite colour bears the Paravent name :)) How did you know? haha :) Please hold Paravent Chartreuse for me... I may not get to it in time. Kx

  13. Thanks Jane, I'm pleased you find my work fresh, that lovely of you to say!

    MMMC and Kylie, your on! Xx

  14. Hi Pippa, just found this on Jealous Curator and thought of you (not sure why!!)
    Loving those tassel colours, I need to pluck up the courage to dye wool. Not sure why I'm a wimp but think it's some flashback to preschool and stains that won't come out!! S:)


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