Thursday, 13 September 2012

:: Happy Shop!

 A BIG thanks to all who followed Don's good advice and visited the shop!
It was very nice of him to pop by and pour us all a glass of champagne, don't you think?
Today I sent off my first order, Big Mama Owl, has a new home!

A bit of a side distraction...
I bought this old stool home from school, a bit tattered but full of old school goodness!

Now after some sanding and spray paint, it looks like this!

 A little blue owl for someone special!
I think I will make more, it's too sweet not too, don't you think?

 Hope your well and looking forward to Freaky Friday over at 
Hung Up On Retro, tomorrow?



  1. Yah! Congratulations on your first sale, Pippa! It's a great feeling, isn't it? (Not that I sell much, but when it happens it's a happy day - haha) That stool looks fabulous now too - the legs match your owl! Which, btw, is seriously cute. You are so talented Mrs :) Kx

  2. Hey Pippa, I always look forward to F.F.
    love your revamped school stool and blue owl is gorgeous. Big Mumma is a stunner, I'm sure her new owner is going to love her to bits.

  3. good luck
    with creations
    and shop
    x ... ***

  4. Way to go on the first sale! That was fast! I love the way the stool looks. You did a great job on it.

  5. Great stool. Love how it came up. Check out that owl - I'm excited.xx

  6. Thanks all and thanks to odd&old for popping by!
    Now I just have find a nice hanging plant for the stool and I'm set! :)


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