Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hello there lovely!   
I'm so glad you could make it, 
I have been waiting for you, you look amazing
Come in....
(all said with a soft burr)

Settle your sweet self here.....my darling! 
You have had a long day, you deserve an indulgence.
(eyebrows raised)

(your hands touch, as he passes you your glass....tingles)

Now to business, I'm Don....Don Draper 
and I'm here to tell you

that Pippa has opened her shop!

tell them Don sent you!


  1. Now that is the best online shop launch ever! xx

  2. Nothing but the best....a classy affair, glad you could make it Ms Brismod!

  3. AWESOME. Congratulations!! Shop looks super spic. xx

  4. I know where I'll be shopping when our renos are done!
    Congrats on getting your shop up and running Pippa, everything in it is beautiful x

  5. Thanks Donna, thanks Kylie! xx

  6. Yah! Congratulations Pippa! It looks fantastic :)
    I've been toying with opening a big cartel shop as well - they look so much nicer, don't they? Nice job :) Kx

  7. Congratulations Pippa ... I am delighted for you ... well done ... off now to have a browse ... Bee xx

  8. Yay! The shop looks wonderful! I hope you make a fortune! :)

  9. Thanks all for visiting the shop!
    Yes Kylie I think the big cartel is the way to go, for now, it's a very clean look and easy with the PayPal account.
    I'm off the post my first order! :)

  10. sorry it's taken me so long to comment. I read blogs on the bus now and that makes commenting not so easy.

    Congratulations! I love the shop! Esp. love Mama Owl!

  11. Thanks MMMC for popping by, Don did ask for you especially! xx


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