Saturday, 8 September 2012

:: My Cactus........ is cactus

 Meet Goliath.... 
he's a very sad Cactus, the bad cactus bug has got him!

Goliath and I met in 2004, he was my first, I love him, like a every cactus lover does!

Drastic measures...the rot has to be cut.......Goliath is more like David now!

Sad isn't he :(

I will update you on his road to recovery?....Have you ever lost a cactus friend?

Goliath in his prime!
 Every January he blooms this one night flower...this is why I love him so much. 
You can imagine my surprise when I first saw him bloom. 
I took out a glass of sav blanc and sat with him, that hot January night!

 On a brighter note, 
it was time to bring home and re-pot some new cactus second attempt at building a terrarium.

This is the boy's first cactus, he potted it himself, it now lives in his bedroom....I think they will be firm friends!

 Meet the terrarium...cross fingers, it's a healthy habitat!

 Another new friend in a thrifted pot.....we like a happy ending!



  1. Poor Goliath...very sad indeed. I hope he makes a miraculous recovery.

  2. Hey Pippa! Oh, Goliath was a sight in his "healthier" days, I'm sure. Honestly I've had pretty good luck with cutting back our cacti when this happens... they seems to come back happier and healthier. Hope he does too!

    You are definitely a girl after my own heart. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pots and choice of plants here. I did a terrarium over a year ago and it's really growing well. Haven't lost a single one. I probably need to replant they're getting so big. Yours however is more of what I should have done. It's so simple and beautiful and has wonderful texture. Perfect!

    Love your site so much... and will definitely follow along. Thanks again for the visit!

  3. Wishing poor old Goliath a speedy recovery ... love your new ones though ... the terrarium is beautiful ... Bee xx

  4. Oh dear Goliath, you poor thing! I hope you egt well soon! Hopefully that gorgeous terrarium cheers you up! x

  5. Thanks all, I will pass on your well wishes to Goliath!
    Thanks Stacey for giving me hope, that his recovery will have him better than ever!
    Dana, Bee and Col, terrariums are addictive I think, they will keep me going!

  6. So sad about goliath - he really was amazing. Hope he can be saved. Lovely new cactus goodness happening too :)

  7. Oh dear,poor Goliath,hope he gets better.We have one of those moonlight cactus hiding in the mango tree,certainly keeps the kids from climbing too high.I wish it would go cactus though.

  8. I would send the bugs to you simmone, free of charge!
    but I really on all good conscience, can not be involved in another cactus fatality!

  9. Oh this is so cool, that is one mighty cactus!! We used to have some fearsome cacti near our pool growing up & i remember getting a HUGE thorn in my head, so i've been a bit scardy cat of cactus since.
    Just found your blog, totally cute, love the colour, following along, love Posie


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