Sunday, 29 December 2013

Happy Holidays

 We had a great Christmas! Hope you did too!

It's was Ouch Boy's first real Christmas, so alot of what we did was for him! Thomas train track around the tree, Thomas tree decorations and lots of shiny lights!

For me it's always about the table setting!
Arabia and iittala featured strongly! :)

He was a happy chappy!

Every year,
my Dad, Brother and I have a sunflower growing race!
Let's just say that my Brother might have won?
Final decision after the plant hormone testing?
Also my brother is taking credit for his wife's planting too?

...we should wait till mine to get some growth under their belt before we cast the final vote?

Armstrong variety
 So the big news is the single tassels have gone into retirement!

I figured I wouldn't get other artistic opportunities happening if I didn't make way for that?
I impulsively made the decision and sold out, some time later!
I may have 'shot myself in the foot' so to speak but it feels right and so far no regrets?
So as lovely as they are and fun to make, it's goodbye to the single tassel!
Am I crazy?
Or do you get what I'm tryng to do?

 Either way, see you in the new year!


  1. I'm so glad Ouch Boy had a wonderful Christmas. We had some Thomas around here too. Your table and tree looked beautiful!

    I understand your decision not to keep stocked with single tassels. Will you still make them by special order?

  2. Oh, how lovely, Pippa, you're the sweetest mummy! And oh boy, that table looks stunning, Arabia and Iittala, match made in heaven! How lovely to see your Christmas home! I'll be so excited to follow your new knotty adventures in the coming year, I'm sure something wonderful will unfold again!!! Enjoy the rest of the Holidays with that lovely family of yours, I wish you all kinds of happiness in the coming year! xxx

  3. looks like a gorgeous xmas at yours pips. love the table pleased someone else was tortured by the little blue hoping this was our last xmas with Thomas!!...wishful thinking no doubt. bye single tass....hello new stuff. cant wait to see what that fab mind of yours is thinking up......I wish nothing but great things and good times for you and your crew in 2014.....yeah baby bring it on!! xxx

  4. just so wonderful! so pleased I found you this year! have a fabulous new year lovely lady xxxxx

  5. I do love those single tassles! Happy to hear you all had a great Xmas! x

  6. Happy New Year! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.


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