Saturday, 11 May 2013

Blog Design Dedication #6

 It's been a while since I dedicated in twine, no shortage of muses  I can tell you but I had a spark!
Can you pick whom?

This hand dyed Macramé Wall Hanging has been inspired by 
Tove @ Stuff that makes my heart beat faster

The Black twine, cooper olives and vintage wooden beads are the perfect combination to visually describe the lovely Norwegian Architect, Mother and total Mid Century Retro lover, Tove!

I choose black because it's bold and a design classic- as is Tove's furniture collection, two words 'string shelf'!!!
The hanging needed 'bling', only copper would do!

The wooden beads are a given....have you seen the teak kitchen??

The pattern is strong and balanced with a twist in the bottom fringe to hark back to her Architecture background.

The neutral palette is also Tove's choice in home decor too but she's a nature girl as well!
Lovely house plants and posts on her home town will show you that!

The selection of pottery, are reminiscent of her well curated collection! 
She loves WG too, so that makes her a good egg!

Tove came across my blog, some time ago!
 It is usually the other way round but I call it fate really, as a visit to her blog, is the stuff of dreams!

Her impeccable taste in pottery, furniture and kitchens have me drooling!

If you haven't met!

Tove, your blog and yourself are just lovely and I can speak for many of us when I say 'it has been pure joy getting to know youand thankyou so much for your support of my knotty adventures!

I dedicate this macrame to you and your blog! xx


Ps : If you need a refresher on the B.D.D blog posts, see here :)


  1. I love your tribute to Tove. It's so very HER. That's a really gorgeous piece, Pippa. Your talent keeps astounding me.

  2. Fantastic work pippa! I can tell i'm going to like tove by her macrame-isation!

    1. Do go for a visit! Norway in a click of the mouse! :)

  3. oh my...I love it!!...those colours!!.what a lovely dedication. x

    1. Thanks Al! I had lots of fun making it! Glad you love it! xx

  4. Brilliant....Black is not the colour you would normally associate with macrame..but it looks fantastic...and very Tovelike :) More black macrame I say!

    1. Cheers Ray! That's what I'm thinking too! to add tassels to it?

  5. I bet it made Tove's heart beat faster, Pippa, mine sped up a bit when I saw it. I think it might be my fave so far...I think it might look good in 'the grown-ups' tv room...hmmmm

    1. She has not popped by yet! ...nothing like a surprise party, hide everyone! LOL x

  6. Wow, this is so amazing. I love your work and what a wonderful idea to dedicate it to your blogfriend Tove. I was splashed by her house tour on Kylies and Donnas linky yesterday! I visite your Etsy shop Pippa, but the shipping to Germany isn´t possible or to expensive I belive. Such a pitty.

    1. Hello Ria,

      lovely to see you here again! and thanks for popping by the shop, yes postage is a pain!
      ... but under 2kg to Germany is just under 19 euro, equates to $24.00 AUD :)

  7. Oh, Pippa, you sweet, sweet woman, I'm speechless!! I was in tears reading the text, those are not words I hear every day. The piece is absolutely stunning, I love every little fringe, I'm so amazed!! Imagine a work of art inspired by humble me, nothing has ever made my heart beat faster!
    The moment I met you I knew we would click:-) You're such a sweet person and a regular matchmaker for bloggers!
    And about your "knotting adventures", I'm not only being supportive, I REALLY, REALLY love it, you're so talented! Thank you sooo much, lovely sister!!
    Lots of love all the way from Norway,
    Tove xx

    1. Oh there you are!
      I'm smiling with twinkling eyes too!
      My pleasure, have a great rest of your day!
      Lots of love back from Australia!

  8. Perfect in every respect Pippa! I am so glad I found Tove through you a couple of months ago. Her aesthetic and good taste is something to aspire to. xx


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