Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mums the word!

I don't think you, whatever the age, tire from wanting to make your Mum proud!
This is my Mum, Ouch Grannie!
She was out and about in Melbourne town and went to see my work at the CAE!
Thanks Grannie xx

 This is Mum and I, 
I think I may be responsible for the happy but exhausted expression on her face

 .....but then there was toddler 'Ouch Brother' to contend with too?

 Looking good "Seventies Parents"...check out the retro tash on 'Ouch Poppy'!

 All good 'Eighties Mums' supported the Scout and Brownies movement!

Bring back the eighties pant suit and shoulder pads! 
Love this pic of you, Grannie! xx
Happy Mothers Day!

Wouldn't be a post if there was no macramé, 
so here are some Tassel Top Hangers I have been working on!

......and I'm over here today!
Having a play date with Lisa from 'The Red Thread'

I hope you enjoy your 'Mother's Day'!


Ps: Tove, there's a pic of your lovely kitchen which has been mixed up with mine, I laughed, hope you do too! 
Sister from another Mother! 
Our tastes are so similar and frankly I'd love to have everyone think I own your gorgeous Teak kitchen! xx

(let me know if you'd like it changed? probs!)


  1. Hello to Ouch Grannie! I am totally digging the pant suit by the Christmas tree - and I'm not kidding. Great photos. Nice to see a slice of your early days! Great that your mum got to go and see the window display. I'm liking the tassel top hangers too. Heading over to the Red Thread...x

  2. Your Mum is/was gorgeous Pippa (just like her daughter). Look at her rockin that pantsuit! Gorgeous!
    I must dig out a pic of me in my Brownie uniform, that would be good for a laugh!

    (I'm having a little giggle st your socks and sandals btw) x

    1. Laugh away stylishKylish, one FB message to your lovely offspring and the pic's of you come out! I'm talking 80's perm, acid wash etc!
      Lol xx

  3. Oh, look at that sweet, lovely mom, it's obvious she has a very special place in your heart!! Lovely to meet her, please tell her hello from me:-) What an amazing post, Pippa, I absolutely adore those family pics!!
    Ps. You can borrow my kitchen anytime, Pippa, no worries sister:-)

  4. Loved looking at your family pictures, so lovely! 'happy but exhausted' is the perfect way to sum up the look appearance of any Mum of a little one (at least I know i look like that!!) if only I had the pant suit with shoulder pads to match though :) Happy mothers day to all Mummys out there!

    1. Yes! bring back the pant suit I say!
      So Glad you liked the pic's :)

  5. Such a beautiful Ouch Mom, then as well as now. I loved seeing the family photos!

  6. Thanks Dana, we are a sentimental bunch!x

  7. Mother's Day!!!! Just around the corner. I have a birthday quite close to Christmas so I do so enjoy Mother's Day. Happy happy to you! And your Mom's pictures are just the sweetest.

  8. I have just posted about my gorgeous MUM too ...pop over and visit us ...Happy Mothers DAy Nettie XXX

  9. Your Mum looks like she happily survived bringing you both up, ps you look like your Mum - that's a compliment :-)


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