Tuesday, 13 September 2011

:: Ouch Flower

New Ouch Flower logo.

I have been busy trying to design a logo for Ouch Flower to create a unified look to the blog and whatever I'm making at the moment and I been applying the design process to many ideas when ...WHAM
I realised that I already have one!

This design was created recently at a screen printing class at Harvest Workroom in Brunswick.

 A one off tea towel design, no planning, no development just in the moment and I believe that if an ouch flower was a real flower and you could buy one at the flower shop..well it would look like this!
Now for the fun part, applying this design to more things!

Detail shot of original screen printed Tea towel.

1960's Fler swivel Arm chair.
Say hello to Olive now!

A new take on an old Fler.

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  1. Hello there, nice and lite design. The Fler chairs are nice, I have never seen these before. Are you a shop ?


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