Friday, 4 November 2011

 Santa is coming....

I'm thinking of Christmas already.... a reason to style and decorate, this years theme could be colour and folk Boho
it's what has captured my interest so far? 
Here's the wish list, a work in progress, I love a research task!

From the Lark shop!

From the ebay shop of Retro Pottery

Flatware from Anthropologie.

Paper flower garlands from Emerald and Ella.

Monte Carlo tree from Venucci

Lastly I'm going to scour the local thrift haunts for some nice retro plates, to add to the day!

What are your Christmas plans?


  1. Great inspirational christmas pics/ideas! I also love the idea of adding some nice retro plates (of course!) to the day : ) A friend of mine buys nice little vintage cake dishes, bakes goodies, then gives the gift of the goodies along with the vintage plate. Cute idea I think I might nab! I will race you to 'the man' next weekend to buy up all his little vintage plates ; )

  2. ps. bought a retro bike off ebay tonight - woohoo!! will post pics soon. xx

  3. Cool, I have been wanting a bike too, not sure what to look for so I will need to definitely see pics!
    I ebayed last night too, and won a bid on a set of G plan side tables.
    Now save some thrift finds for me, we'll have to play nice and share!
    The vintage place of goodies sounds like a great idea, but can I part with the plate? :)


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