Friday, 30 December 2011


Me & Em.

 That's me and my B.F, Emma! 
We meet in yr 7, she was asked to make sure I got on the right bus at the end of my first day at my new school. 
A real life line for me because I was plucked from my Co Ed School and put into a yellow and brown school uniform and into a Girls School.

We are 18 in the picture above, in our vintage 501's, just finished school, looking forward to our futures.
We have seen each other through many of life's milestones, First Loves, Big Break Ups, Education, Travel, Family Loss, Weddings and Em is Mackenzie's Godmother.

 Which leads me to the reason of this post!
Emma is getting married in January and expecting her first baby soon!

I volunteered to create her Bridal Tea invite. 
Below are pics of what I created for her. I sourced the images from a real 1950's bridal magazine I found at my local 2nd hand dealers shop, they are fantastic, had to use them!
Once scanned into Photoshop, my foray into being a Graphic Designer began!
Here are the final JPEGs but Photoshop is a cruel mistress and I bowed done to her many times till I won in the end!

Handy hints for P.S
1- make the canvas size the size you want the print to be, mine are  12X12.
2- Use your own images, importing from the web, these images just pixelate!
3- Print on the best paper you can afford, ask the technicians at office works to use PS Elements to print your work, you can guarantee that your JPEG is printed to correct size. 
4- Persistence and wine are necessary accompaniments for P.S
Now to assemble my prints into a vintage inspired invitation.

Here I've made a hole to fasten the eyelets on each print out, then the invite is fastened together with a pink ribbon.

I made a sleeve for the invite to rest in, found some lovely vintage inspired paper, with roses!

Using brown paper and a bird stamp, for more vintage goodness!

The invite, brown paper stamped cover with floral sleeve and finally the doily ribboned envelope.


  1. I am happy for your friend. You did a great jobb. Have a wonderful new year.

  2. Thanks Pradeepa, all the best for 2012! :)

  3. Wow - these are utterly gorgeous! I love how you've put it all together. And that bird stamp is lovely. You are a wonderful friend to create such beautiful invites for your friend at such an exciting time in her life. Great post.xx


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