Tuesday, 13 March 2012

:: Collections #2

 I knew once I styled my blue ceramic and glass wares together in collection #1, I'd need to rearrange what was left....here are pic's of my efforts

I always feel the house is in harmony once everything has its place. Once you change something or add a new addition, this reshuffling, rearranging and maybe a culling....must occur again and again!


Ps Will Mr ouchflower notice?...mmmm

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  1. I'm so jealous of your home and decor that it's pretty hard for me to process it. ^_~ Beautiful!

  2. Looks fantastic! LOVE the sideboard/unit. Would love one of those!

  3. You could be a stylist,love the owl too!

  4. @ Raynor, your very sweet comments made me smile, thanks for visiting!

    @ Donna, the joys of ebay and a good price!

    @ Simmone, thanks for commenting, stylist what a dream job! one day :)


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