Saturday, 10 March 2012

:: Let's create some traffic!


I have been pondering.... 
My recent blog link with Donna @ Hung Up On Retro, was lot's of fun and I would like to do a link in again so, here's my idea!

On Sunday the 25th of march 2012, 7pm, post on your blog!

:: My Top 5 Covet List! (post title)

The idea being if, money was no object, sourcing was no difficulty, a bit of a Jeanie in the bottle type wish!

Your Top 5 can come from anywhere, Design, Architecture, Fashion, Homewares, Film etc but maybe keep a Mid-Century/Retro/Vintage vibe about it!

Why... to share each others blogs and coveted items, make new friends and share our pooled readership!

Because  I hope it will be let's create some traffic!

If your in! 
Comment on the post or send me an email!

Then, I will post all the blogs participating for each of us to add as links to our Sunday post.

Feel free to share this concept, I'm just the idea person, I want it to be community thang!


PS: to wet your #1 is a Featherston- 1951  R160 Chair.


  1. I'm in Pippa.

    A Featherston R160 would have to be up there on my wish list too. Would you believe that about 6 years ago I could've bought one for fifty bucks, in great original condition and I PASSED IT UP! STUPID! I often think about it and wonder who the lucky duck was that bought it.

    Can I post 7pm Perth time?

  2. YEAH! If you post at 4pm that day it will correspond with our Melbourne time nicely, looked up the trusty world clock!

    A $50 Featherston? I commiserate BUT think of it this way, it was a good deed, to allow someone else an Aussie classic and karma will reward!
    ...but really you passed it up???? :)

  3. Great idea! Count me in. If I've calculated correctly, it will be 7 p.m. in Melbourne if I post at 2 a.m. here. I'm off to write my post and schedule it. :)

  4. Can not wait to see what you will have install for us! Very excited!

  5. I'm in! Great idea. My mind is racing with my Top 5 already. x

  6. Yeah Donna, can't wait to see them! :)

  7. Hi, my name is Stacey and I'm in...gunna have to get some lessons with Donna on how the heck I join in but what the hey! Top 5 coming up. thanks


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