Saturday, 28 April 2012

:: Collections #6

Scandinavian Glass Collection?

I believe I have found an iittala "Festivo" candlestick by Timo Sarpaneva, a "Bone" vase by Aseda Glasbruk and a "Ultima Thule" Cocktail glass by Tapio Wirkkala?

Would you believe I dreamt about iittala glassware last night? (boxes of it)
Would you believe that I paid $6.00 AUD for this thrift bounty, in one op shop?
Am I still dreaming?

I have done a bit of a search so I hope I am right? 
Feel free to enlighten me but either way, aren't they sweet? 
Happy thrifting too you!

On a side note!
The hangers @ Modern Times are selling like hotcakes! Some Owls are up on the walls and receiving pleasing comments! :)

Here is what I'm playing with at the moment!

What do you think? 
A little owl, with a sweet leather owl face.



  1. I've got that vase but in red. It was the real Lucy Violet's so its got a bit of age about it, not sure on its maker - never bothered to check. Hope you're right though.
    Fantastic that your hangers are selling so well Pippa. And. Why. Wouldn't. They?

    p.s. love the masked owl v.much x

  2. We always keep Festivo candleholders in the store, and I love anything by Wirkkala...but especially Ulitma Thule, which we also always have on hand. The Glasbruk is gorgeous too, and you got all that for a steal! I'm so glad your owls are finally getting the exposure they deserve and are selling well.

  3. Thanks Ladies, it was a good day!

  4. Drool! I love these. Are they for your own enjoyment? I don't think I could part with this collection!

  5. Thanks for popping by Maria, yes I think I will hold onto these but I fear I have started another collection! :)

  6. I love the little owl creation. What material did you use to knit that?

    Despite my age, I'm only new to knitting and need some advice. I have this material will it do?


  7. Hi Betty, thanks for popping by! the owl is made from garden twine and I have used macrame to create it.
    Sorry, i'm not much of a knitter but I have found the ladies who work in most wool shops real knowledgable and helpful.
    If your interested in blogging? Read 'the shy lion' blog. Rayner is a knitter and works in a yarn shop in Melbourne, he could send you in the right direction.
    Hope this helps, Happy Knitting Betty!


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