Thursday, 19 April 2012

:: Going on an adventure!

Tomorrow is going to be a BIG DAY!

Firstly I'm stepping out of my normal routine of bells, whiteboards and grumbling teenagers and attending Field Trip 2012- A creative conference in Melbourne!

Very excited to be immersed in all that designy goodness and be amongst 'Creatives'.

 THEN, it's off to Collingwood for drinks and nibbles at the opening of:

Did you see..... Ouchflower, Hans J Wegner, Arne Vodder and Borge Mogensen all in the same list?

sooooo excited!


  1. You keep good company Pippa!

    I'm looking forward to your report on Field Trip, I would've loved to go myself but a little thing called The Nullarbor got in the way!

    Pics on the pop-up-shop too please.

    Have an awesome day, bet you will x

  2. Yey!! So excited for you.
    The Field Trip sounds awesome too. You'll be in 'Creatives' heaven. Enjoy. Can't wait to see some photos.x

  3. Sounds like so much fun! Fingers crossed that you'll have a fantastic sale!


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