Tuesday, 3 April 2012

:: Mid Century FAB

 A frenzy of styling occurred today!

My Eames "Fabpat" arrived safe and sound from the U.S, within minutes she was framed and on the wall.
I grabbed a few things in pink and yellow and gave my sideboard wall a lift.
I'm slowly colour blocking my home, see this link for my blue wall!
These Eames patents called Fabpats can be found on Dana's Blog 
Mid2Mod or direct from Jennifer's Etsy store.

If you have previously admired these prints, you're not wrong, they are beautiful and fit nicely into an IKEA Ribba frame!

Do you love?



  1. Wow, that was fast! You got that framed and hung in a flash. Your yellow and pink grouping looks absolutely beautiful. I love it. I'm glad your print arrived safely and that you love it.

  2. I had been thinking alot about how to style it, I'll be honest!
    It's all in the planning...
    Please show your Jennifer and SIL, it's new happy home!

  3. Love it! But I especially love that blue wall of yours, just gorgeous!! G. x

  4. Ohhhhh it all looks so so fabulous!! Love it all to bits!! :)

    xo Jenny

  5. Yes I love, Pippa.
    And your buffet too. Very much x

  6. I'm so glad it arrived safely, and it looks great in the grouping--very cute! Thanks for the fabpat love on your blog, too!



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