Saturday, 19 May 2012

:: Ercol Crush

Studio Couch

 Did you know that Ercol has come to Australia?

 I have a serious lust list of Ercol furniture and would love to have these beauties!

 You can occasionally pick up an Ercol on eBay, often they are the dark brown stain pieces, not as coveted as the natural elm!

They are on the Hot list of retro furniture to buy and prices can be high!

Love Seat

 Pepple nest of tables.

Here is my very own Ercol, the Grandfather Rocking chair, she is in pristine condition, has had only one lady owner, when she came to stay!
Sadly the dark brown stain is flawless, I would feel too guilty if I changed it, best leave well alone and enjoy!

Happy Weekend!



  1. Yes, leave the stain until you have to change it. What a beautiful chair you have.

    I must admit I love Ercol too! And one day would love to own one of those couches. Thanks for the tip-off for the shop ... I wish they had a price and then I'd know how much I have to start saving! There's a merchant here in Brisbane that has rejuvenated a Ercol couch and he was asking $2800 for it.

    Love your work. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks MMMC, yes the prices are high, would be a good investment though!
    The shop by the look of it, sells only to trade, but we are one step closer to a retail shop that has them on the shop floor!
    Where you can go in and sit, a smug expression, covers your face and you yell, I will have this one! James bring the ute round!
    Ahh sweet dreams!

  3. The arms on that studio couch are heavenly! I love the way the gently wrap around.

  4. So gorgeous! I love that sofa in the first photo :) Kx

  5. Ooh yes, I'd love some Ercol. Not sure those spindly legs are practical with two galumphing boys about though, sadly.

  6. I love Ercol too and your rocking chair is lovely! I'm also drooling over your sideboard. It's great! x


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